MPI-INF/SWS Research Reports 1991-2021

2. Number - All Departments - MPI-INF/SWS Research Reports 1991-2021

2016-5-001Attachment IconDiversifying Search Results Using TimeGupta, Berberich?
2014-5-002Attachment IconPhrase Query Optimization on Inverted IndexesAnand, Mele, Bedathur, Berberich20
2014-5-001Attachment IconLearning Tuple Probabilities in Probabilistic DatabasesDylla, Theobald51
2014-4-002Attachment IconFast Tracking of Hand and Finger Articulations Using a Single Depth CameraSridhar, Oulasvirta, Theobalt14
2014-4-001Attachment IconLocal high-order regularization on data manifoldsKim, Tompkin, Theobalt?
2013-RG1-002Attachment IconHierarchic superposition with weak abstractionBaumgartner, Waldmann45
2013-5-002Attachment IconA distributed algorithm for large-scale generalized matchingMakari, Gemulla, Khandekar, Mestre, Sozio39
2013-4-001HDR reconstruction of cluttered dynamic scenesGranados, Kim, Theobalt?
2013-1-001Attachment IconNew results for non-preemptive speed scalingOtt32
2012-RG1-002Attachment IconAutomatic generation of inductive invariants by SUP(LA)Fietzke, Kruglov, Weidenbach26
2012-RG1-001Attachment IconLabelled superposition for PLTLSuda, Weidenbach42
2012-5-004Attachment IconBuilding and maintaining halls of fame over a databaseAlvanaki, Michel, Stupar36
2012-5-003Attachment IconComputing n-gram statistics in MapReduceBerberich, Bedathur39
2012-5-002Attachment IconTop-k query processing in probabilistic databases with non-materialized viewsDylla, Miliaraki, Theobald59
2012-5-001Attachment IconMDL4BMF: Minimum Description Length for Boolean Matrix FactorizationMiettinen, Vreeken48
2012-4-001Attachment IconSymmetry detection in large scale city scansKerber, Bokeloh, Wand, Seidel32
2011-RG1-002Attachment IconTowards verification of the pastry protocol using TLA+Lu, Merz, Weidenbach51
2011-5-002Attachment IconFinding images of rare and ambiguous entitiesTaneva, Kacimi, Weikum30
2011-5-001Attachment IconTemporal index sharding for space-time efficiency in archive searchAnand, Bedathur, Berberich, Schenkel32
2011-4-005Attachment IconA morphable part model for shape manipulationBerner, Burghard, Wand, Mitra, Klein, Seidel33
2011-4-003Attachment IconVideoscapes: exploring unstructured video collectionsTompkin, Kim, Kautz, Theobalt32
2011-4-002Attachment IconEfficient learning-based image enhancement : application to
compression artifact removal and super-resolution
Kim, Kwon, Kim, Theobalt28
2011-4-001Attachment IconHow not to be seen – inpainting dynamic objects in crowded scenesGranados, Tompkin, In Kim, Grau, Kautz, Theobalt35
2010-RG1-001Attachment IconOn the saturation of YAGOSuda, Weidenbach, Wischnewski50
2010-5-008Attachment IconQuery relaxation for entity-relationship searchElbassuoni, Ramanath, Weikum40
2010-5-007Attachment IconYAGO2: a spatially and temporally enhanced knowledge base from WikipediaHoffart, Suchanek, Berberich, Weikum50
2010-5-006Attachment IconReal-time text queries with tunable term pair indexesBroschart, Schenkel41
2010-5-005Attachment IconBonsai: Growing Interesting Small TreesSeufert, Bedathur, Mestre, Weikum27
2010-5-004Attachment IconQuery evaluation with asymmetric web servicesPreda, Suchanek, Yuan, Weikum31
2010-5-003Attachment IconEfficient temporal keyword queries over versioned textAnand, Bedathur, Berberich, Schenkel39
2010-5-002Attachment IconURDF: Efficient Reasoning in Uncertain RDF Knowledge Bases with Soft and Hard RulesTheobald, Sozio, Suchanek, Nakashole45
2010-5-001Attachment IconA language modeling approach for temporal information needsBerberich, Bedathur, Alonso, Weikum29
2010-1-001Attachment IconMaximum cardinality popular matchings in strict two-sided preference listsHuang, Kavitha17
2009-RG1-005Attachment IconSuperposition for fixed domainsHorbach, Weidenbach49
2009-RG1-004Attachment IconDecidability results for saturation-based model buildingHorbach, Weidenbach38
2009-RG1-002Attachment IconContextual rewritingWischnewski, Weidenbach28
2009-RG1-001Attachment IconDeciding the inductive validity of $\forall\exists^*$ queriesHorbach, Weidenbach43
2009-5-007Attachment IconMING: Mining Informative Entity-Relationship SubgraphsKasneci, Weikum, Elbassuoni32
2009-5-006Attachment IconScalable phrase mining for ad-hoc text analyticsBedathur, Berberich, Dittrich, Mamoulis, Weikum41
2009-5-005Attachment IconTowards a Universal Wordnet by learning from combined evidencde Melo, Weikum32
2009-5-004Attachment IconCoupling knowledge bases and web services for active knowledgePreda, Suchanek, Kasneci, Neumann, Weikum24
2009-5-003Attachment IconThe RDF-3X engine for scalable management of RDF dataNeumann, Weikum53
2009-5-003Attachment IconThe RDF-3X engine for scalable management of RDF dataNeumann, Weikum53 S.
2009-5-002Attachment IconGenerating concise and readable summaries of XML documentsRamanath, Kumar, Ifrim30
2009-4-006Attachment IconOptical reconstruction of detailed animatable human body modelsStoll37
2009-4-005Attachment IconGeneralized intrinsic symmetry detectionBerner, Bokeloh, Wand, Schilling, Seidel33
2009-4-004Attachment IconMPI Informatics building model as data for your researchHavran, Zajac, Drahokoupil, Seidel113
2009-4-003Attachment IconA shaped temporal filter cameraFuchs, Chen, Wang, Raskar, Lensch, Seidel25
2009-4-002Attachment IconA Bayesian approach to manifold topology reconstructionTevs, Wand, Ihrke, Seidel23
2009-4-001Attachment IconAcquisition and analysis of bispectral bidirectional reflectance distribution functionsHullin, Ajdin, Hanika, Seidel, Kautz, Lensch25
2008-RG1-001Attachment IconLabelled splittingFietzke, Weidenbach45
2008-5-004Attachment IconSOFIE: a self-organizing framework for information extractionSuchanek, Sozio, Weikum49
2008-5-003Attachment IconIntegrating Yago into the suggested upper merged ontologyde Melo, Suchanek, Pease31
2008-5-002Attachment IconSingle phase construction of optimal DAG-structured QEPsNeumann, Moerkotte73
2008-5-001Attachment IconSTAR: Steiner tree approximation in relationship-graphsKasneci, Ramanath, Sozio, Suchanek, Weikum37
2008-4-003Attachment IconCrease surfaces: from theory to extraction and application to diffusion tensor MRISchultz, Theisel, Seidel33
2008-4-002Attachment IconShape complexity from image similarityWang, Belyaev, Saleem, Seidel28
2008-1-001Attachment IconCharacterizing the performance of Flash memory storage devices and its impact on algorithm designAjwani, Malinger, Meyer, Toledo36
2007-RG1-002Attachment IconSuperposition for finite domainsHillenbrand, Weidenbach29
2007-RG1-002Attachment IconSuperpositon for Finite DomainsHillenbrand, Weidenbach29
2007-5-003Attachment IconYago : a large ontology from Wikipedia and WordNetSuchanek, Kasneci, Weikum67
2007-5-002Attachment IconA time machine for text searchBerberich, Bedathur, Neumann, Weikum39
2007-5-002A Time Machine for Text SearchBerberich, Bedathur, Neumann, Weikum0
2007-5-001Attachment IconNAGA: searching and ranking knowledgeKasneci, Suchanek, Ifrim, Ramanath, Weikum42
2007-4-008Attachment IconGlobal stochastic optimization for robust and accurate human motion captureGall, Brox, Rosenhahn, Seidel28
2007-4-007Attachment IconGlobal illumination using photon ray splattingHerzog, Havran, Myszkowski, Seidel65
2007-4-006Attachment IconHistoPyramids in Iso-Surface ExtractionDyken, Ziegler, Theobalt, Seidel16
2007-4-005Attachment IconA higher-order structure tensorSchultz, Weickert, Seidel29
2007-4-004Attachment IconA volumetric approach to interactive shape editingStoll, de Aguiar, Theobalt, Seidel28
2007-4-003Attachment IconA nonlinear viseme model for triphone-based speech synthesisBargmann, Blanz, Seidel28
2007-4-002A Higher-Order Structure TensorSchultz, Weickert, Seidel?
2007-4-002Attachment IconConstruction of smooth maps with mean value coordinatesLanger, Seidel22
2007-4-002?De Aguiar, Theobalt?
2007-4-001Attachment IconClustered stochastic optimization for object recognition and pose estimationGall, Rosenhahn, Seidel23
2007-2-001Attachment IconA method and a tool for automatic veriication of region stability for hybrid systemsPodelski, Wagner46
2007-1-003Attachment IconLFthreads: a lock-free thread libraryGidenstam, Papatriantafilou36
2007-1-002Attachment IconA Lagrangian relaxation approach for the multiple sequence alignment problemAlthaus, Canzar41
2007-1-001A New Approximation Algorithm for thr Maximum Traveling Salesman ProblemPaluch?
2007-1-001Attachment IconLinear-time reordering in a sweep-line algorithm for algebraic curves intersecting in a common pointBerberich, Kettner20
2006-5-006Attachment IconYago - a core of semantic knowledgeKasnec, Suchanek, Weikum39
2006-5-005Attachment IconA neighborhood-based approach for clustering of linked document collectionsAngelova, Siersdorfer32
2006-5-004Attachment IconCombining linguistic and statistical analysis to extract relations from web documentsSuchanek, Ifrim, Weikum37
2006-5-003Attachment IconGarment texture editing in monocular video sequences based on
color-coded printing patterns
Scholz, Magnor24
2006-5-002Attachment IconIO-Top-k: index-access optimized top-k query processingBast, Majumdar, Schenkel, Theobald, Weikum49
2006-5-001Attachment IconOverlap-aware global df estimation in distributed information retrieval systemsBender, Michel, Weikum, Triantafilou25
2006-4-010Attachment IconMean value coordinates for arbitrary spherical polygons and
polyhedra in $\mathbbR^3$
Belyaev, Langer, Seidel19
2006-4-009Attachment IconInteracting and annealing particle filters: mathematics and a recipe for applicationsGall, Potthoff, Rosenhahn, Schnoerr, Seidel44
2006-4-008Attachment IconGesture modeling and animation by imitationAlbrecht, Kipp, Neff, Seidel62
2006-4-007Attachment IconFeature-preserving non-local denoising of static and time-varying
range data
Schall, Belyaev, Seidel22
2006-4-006Attachment IconEnhanced dynamic reflectometry for relightable free-viewpoint videoTheobalt, Ahmed, Lensch, Magnor, Seidel37
2006-4-005Attachment IconSkeleton-driven Laplacian mesh deformationsBelyaev, Seidel, Yoshizawa36
2006-4-004Attachment IconOn fast construction of spatial hierarchies for ray tracingHavran, Herzog, Seidel40
2006-4-003Attachment IconA framework for natural animation of digitized modelsde Aguiar, Zayer, Theobalt, Magnor, Seidel27
2006-4-002Attachment IconGPU point list generation through histogram pyramidsZiegler, Tevs, Theobalt, Seidel13
2006-4-001Attachment IconDesign and evaluation of backward compatible high dynamic range video compressionEfremov, Mantiuk, Myszkowski, Seidel50
2006-2-001Attachment IconOn verifying complex properties using symbolic shape analysisWies, Kuncak, Zee, Podelski, Rinard32
2006-1-007Attachment IconOutput-sensitive autocompletion searchBast, Weber, Mortensen17
2006-1-006Attachment IconDivision-free computation of subresultants using bezout matricesKerber20
2006-1-005Attachment IconSnap rounding of Bézier curvesEigenwillig, Kettner, Wolpert39
2006-1-004Attachment IconPower assignment problems in wireless communicationFunke, Laue, Naujoks, Zvi25
2005-5-002Attachment IconAutomated retraining methods for document classification and their parameter tuningSiersdorfer, Weikum23
2005-4-006Attachment IconAn emperical model for heterogeneous translucent objectsFuchs, Goesele, Chen, Seidel20
2005-4-005Attachment IconPhotometric calibration of high dynamic range cameras
Krawczyk, Goesele, Seidel21
2005-4-004Attachment IconJoint motion and reflectance capture for creating relightable 3D videosTheobalt, Ahmed, De Aguiar, Ziegler, Lensch, Magnor, Seidel18
2005-4-003Attachment IconAnalysis and design of discrete normals and curvaturesLanger, Belyaev, Seidel42
2005-4-002Attachment IconSparse meshing of uncertain and noisy surface scattered data
Schall, Belyaev, Seidel20
2005-4-001Attachment IconReflectance from images: a model-based approach for human facesFuchs, Blanz, Lensch, Seidel33
2005-2-004A Framework of refutational theorem proving for saturation-based decision proceduresKazakov?
2005-2-003Attachment IconUsing resolution as a decision procedureNivelle53
2005-2-002Attachment IconBounded model checking of pointer programsMaier, Charatonik, Georgieva34
2005-2-001Attachment IconBottleneck behavior in CNF formulasHoffmann, Gomes, Selman35
2005-1-008Attachment IconCycle bases of graphs and sampled manifoldsGotsman, Kaligosi, Mehlhorn, Michail, Pyrga30
2005-1-007Attachment IconA faster algorithm for computing a longest common increasing
Katriel, Kutz13
2005-1-003Attachment IconImproved algorithms for all-pairs approximate shortest paths in weighted graphsBaswana, Telikepalli26
2005-1-002Attachment IconReachability substitutes for planar digraphsKatriel, Kutz, Skutella24
2005-1-001Attachment IconRank-maximal through maximum weight matchingsMichail22
2004-NWG3-001Attachment IconAxisymmetric reconstruction and 3D visualization of bipolar planetary nebulaeMagnor20
2004-NWG1-001Attachment IconAutomatic proof of strong secrecy for security protocolsBlanchet78
2004-5-001Attachment IconGoal-oriented methods and meta methods for document classification and their parameter tuningSiersdorfer, Sizov, Weikum32
2004-4-006Attachment IconFaster ray tracing with SIMD shaft cullingDmitriev, Havran, Seidel13
2004-4-005Attachment IconNeural meshes: surface reconstruction with a learning algorithmIvrissimtzis, Jeong, Lee, Lee, Seidel22
2004-4-004Attachment Iconr-adaptive parameterization of surfacesZayer, Rössl, Seidel16
2004-4-0033D scattered data interpolation and approximation with multilevel compactly supported RBFsOhtake, Belyaev, Seidel?
2004-4-002Quadric-based mesh reconstruction from scattered dataOhtake, Belyaev, Seidel?
2004-4-001Attachment IconModeling hair using a wisp hair modelHaber, Schmitt, Koster, Seidel40
2004-2-007Attachment IconSummaries for while programs with recursionWagner22
2004-2-002Attachment IconIntuitionistic LTL and a new characterization of safety and livenessMaier20
2004-2-001Attachment IconResolution decision procedures for the guarded fragment with transitive guardsde Nivelle, Kazakov32
2004-1-006Attachment IconOn the Hadwiger's conjecture for graph productsChandran, Sivadasan12
2004-1-005Attachment IconA comparison of polynomial evaluation schemesSchmitt, Fousse19
2004-1-004Attachment IconOnline scheduling with bounded migrationSivadasan, Sanders, Skutella21
2004-1-003Attachment IconOn algorithms for online topological ordering and sortingKatriel15
2004-1-002Attachment IconA simpler linear time 2/3 - epsilon approximation for maximum weight matchingSanders, Pettie10
2004-1-001Attachment IconFiltering algorithms for the Same and UsedBy constraintsBeldiceanu, Katriel, Thiel36
2003-NWG2-002Attachment IconFast integer programming in fixed dimensionEisenbrand14
2003-NWG2-001Attachment IconGirth and treewidthChandran, Subramanian11
2003-4-009Attachment IconFaceSketch: an interface for sketching and coloring cartoon facesZakaria30
2003-4-007Attachment IconNeural meshes: statistical learning methods in surface reconstructionIvrissimtzis, Jeong, Seidel23
2003-4-006Attachment IconVisualization of volume data with quadratic super splinesRoessl, Zeilfelder, Nürnberger, Seidel15
2003-4-005Attachment IconThe dimension of $C^1$ splines of arbitrary degree on a tetrahedral partitionHangelbroek, Nürnberger, Roessl, Seidel, Zeilfelder39
2003-4-004Attachment IconA custom designed density estimation method for light transportBekaert, Slusallek, Cools, Havran, Seidel28
2003-4-003Attachment IconConvex boundary angle based flatteningZayer, Roessl, Seidel16
2003-4-002Attachment IconA flexible and versatile studio for synchronized multi-view video recordingTheobalt, Li, Magnor, Seidel18
2003-4-001Attachment Icon3D acquisition of mirroring objectsTarini, Lensch, Goesele, Seidel37
2003-2-004Attachment IconSoftware model checking of liveness properties via transition invariantsPodelski, Rybalchenko29
2003-2-003Attachment IconSubsumption of concepts in $DL$ $\cal FL_0$ for (cyclic) terminologies with respect to descriptive semantics is PSPACE-completeKazakov, de Nivelle12
2003-2-002Attachment IconA representation theorem and applications to measure selection and noninformative priorsJaeger35
2003-2-001Attachment IconCompositional circular assume-guarantee rules cannot be sound and completeMaier22
2003-1-018Attachment IconA note on the smoothed complexity of the single-source shortest path problemSchaefer8
2003-1-017Attachment IconCross-monotonic cost sharing methods for connected facility location gamesSchäfer, Leonardi10
2003-1-016Attachment IconTopology matters: smoothed competitive analysis of metrical task systemsSchäfer, Sivadasan28
2003-1-015Attachment IconSum-Multicoloring on pathsKovács20
2003-1-014Attachment IconAverage case and smoothed competitive analysis of the multi-level feedback algorithmSchäfer, Becchetti, Leonardi, Marchetti-Spaccamela, Vredeveld31
2003-1-013Attachment IconFast bound consistency for the global cardinality constraintKatriel, Thiel30
2003-1-011Attachment IconSelfish traffic allocation for server farmsKrysta, Czumaj, Voecking43
2003-1-010Attachment IconA linear time heuristic for the branch-decomposition of planar graphsTamaki18
2003-1-009Attachment IconOn the Bollob\'as -- Eldridge conjecture for bipartite graphsCsaba29
2003-1-008Attachment IconPolynomial time algorithms for network information flowSanders15
2003-1-007Attachment IconAlternating cycles contribution: a strategy of tour-merging for the traveling salesman problemTamaki22
2003-1-006Attachment IconOn the probability of rendezvous in graphsDietzfelbinger, Tamaki30
2003-1-005Attachment IconAlmost random graphs with simple hash functionsDietzfelbinger, Woelfel23
2003-1-004Attachment IconImproving linear programming approaches for the Steiner tree problemAlthaus, Polzin, Daneshmand19
2003-1-003Attachment IconRandom knapsack in expected polynomial timeBeier, Vöcking22
2003-1-002Attachment IconScheduling and traffic allocation for tasks with bounded splittabilityKrysta, Sanders, Vöcking15
2003-1-001Attachment IconAsynchronous parallel disk sortingSanders, Dementiev22
2002-4-002Attachment IconPerceptual evaluation of tone mapping operators with regard to similarity and preferenceDrago, Martens, Myszkowski, Seidel30
2002-4-001Attachment IconTutorial notes ACM SM 02: a framework for the acquisition, processing and interactive display of high quality 3D modelsGoesele, Kautz, Lang, Lensch, Seidel50
2002-2-008Attachment IconAtomic set constraints with projectionCharatonik, Talbot20
2002-2-007Attachment IconSymposium on the Effectiveness of Logic in Computer Science in Honour of Moshe VardiCharatonik, Ganzinger64
2002-1-008Attachment IconThe factor algorithm for all-to-all communication on clusters of SMP nodesSanders, Träff8
2002-1-005Attachment IconPerformance of heuristic and approximation algorithms for the uncapacitated facility location problemHoefer27
2002-1-004Attachment IconExp Lab: a tool set for computational experimentsHert, Polzin, Kettner, Schäfer59
2002-1-003Attachment IconA practical minimum spanning tree algorithm using the cycle propertyKatriel, Sanders, Träff21
2002-1-002Attachment IconIncrementally maintaining the number of l-cliquesGrandoni10
2002-1-001Attachment IconUsing (sub)graphs of small width for solving the Steiner problemPolzin, Vahdati9
2001-4-005Attachment IconA framework for the acquisition, processing and interactive display of high quality 3D modelsLensch, Goesele, Seidel39
2001-4-004Attachment IconLinear one-sided stability of MAT for weakly injective domainChoi, Seidel18
2001-4-003Attachment IconEfficient light transport using precomputed visibilityDaubert, Heidrich, Kautz, Dischler, Seidel32
2001-4-002Attachment IconA framework for the acquisition, processing, transmission, and interactive display of high quality 3D models on the WebLensch, Kautz, Goesele, Seidel20
2001-4-001Attachment IconImage-based reconstruction of spatially varying materialsLensch, Kautz, Goesele, Heidrich, Seidel20
2001-2-006Attachment IconProceeding of the Second International Workshop of the Implementation of Logicsde Nivelle, Schulz? 102
2001-2-005Attachment IconResolution-based decision procedures for the universal theory of some classes of distributive lattices with operatorsSofronie-Stokkermans41
2001-2-003Attachment IconExperiments with iterative improvement algorithms on completely unimodel hypercubesBjörklund, Petersson, Vorobyov25
2001-2-001Attachment IconSuperposition and chaining for totally ordered divisible abelian groupsWaldmann40
2001-1-007Attachment IconExtending reduction techniques for the Steiner tree problem: a combination of alternative-and bound-based approachesPolzin, Vahdati24
2001-1-006Attachment IconPartitioning techniques for the Steiner problemPolzin, Vahdati21
2001-1-005Attachment IconOn Steiner trees and minimum spanning trees in hypergraphsPolzin, Vahdati15
2001-1-004Attachment IconAn adaptable and extensible geometry kernelHert, Hoffmann, Kettner, Pion, Seel27
2001-1-003Attachment IconImplementation of planar Nef polyhedraSeel345
2001-1-002Attachment IconDirected single-source shortest-paths in linear average-case timeMeyer32
2001-1-001Attachment IconApproximating minimum size 1,2-connected networksKrysta22
2000-4-003Attachment IconHyperbolic Hausdorff distance for medial axis transformChoi, Seidel30
2000-4-002Attachment IconGeometric modeling based on polygonal meshesKobbelt, Bischoff, Kähler, Schneider, Botsch, Rössl, Vorsatz52
2000-4-001Attachment IconBump map shadows for openGL renderingKautz, Heidrich, Daubert18
2000-2-001Attachment IconShort vectors of planar lattices via continued fractionsEisenbrand10
2000-1-005Attachment IconInfimaximal frames: a technique for making lines look like segmentsSeel, Mehlhorn16
2000-1-004Attachment IconGeneralized and improved constructive separation bound for real algebraic expressionsMehlhorn, Schirra12
2000-1-003Attachment IconLow-contention depth-first scheduling of parallel computations with synchronization variablesFatourou56
2000-1-002Attachment IconA powerful heuristic for telephone gossipingBeier, Sibeyn23
2000-1-001Attachment IconA branch and cut algorithm for the optimal solution of the side-chain placement problemAlthaus, Kohlbacher, Lenhof, Müller26
1999-4-001Attachment IconA framework for evaluating the quality of lossy image compressionHaber, Seidel20
1999-3-005Attachment IconAxioms for real-time logicsHenzinger, Raskin, Schobbens31
1999-3-004Attachment IconProving a conjecture of Andreka on temporal logicRaskin, Schobbens13
1999-3-003Attachment IconFully decidable logics, automata and classical theories for defining regular real-time languagesHenzinger, Raskin, Schobbens102
1999-3-002Attachment IconThe logic of event clocksRaskin, Schobbens41
1999-3-001Attachment IconNew lower bounds for the expressiveness and the higher-order Matching problem in the simply typed lambda calculusVorobyov20
1999-2-008Attachment IconCutting planes and the elementary closure in fixed dimensionBockmayr, Eisenbrand12
1999-2-007Attachment IconSymbolic representation of upward-closed setsDelzanno, Raskin24
1999-2-006Attachment IconA deductive model checking approach for hybrid systemsNonnengart40
1999-2-005Attachment IconSymmetries in logic programsWu44
1999-2-004Attachment IconDecidable fragments of simultaneous rigid reachabilityCortier, Ganzinger, Jacquemard, Veanes19
1999-2-003Attachment IconCancellative superposition decides the theory of divisible torsion-free abelian groupsWaldmann23
1999-2-001Attachment IconAutomata on DAG representations of finite treesCharatonik30
1999-1-007Attachment IconA simple way to recognize a correct Voronoi diagram of line segmentsBurnikel, Mehlhorn, Seel11
1999-1-006Attachment IconIntegration of graph iterators into LEDANissen39
1999-1-005Attachment IconUltimate parallel list ranking?Sibeyn20
1999-1-004Attachment IconHow generic language extensions enable ''open-world'' design in JavaNissen, Weihe40
1999-1-003Attachment IconFast concurrent access to parallel disksSanders, Egner, Korst30
1999-1-002Attachment IconBALL: Biochemical Algorithms LibraryBoghossian, Kohlbacher, Lenhof20
1999-1-001Attachment IconA theoretical and experimental study on the construction of suffix arrays in external memoryCrauser, Ferragina40
98-2-018Attachment IconA note on the membership problem for the first elementary closure of a polyhedronEisenbrand3
98-2-017Attachment IconHybridizing concept languagesTzakova, Blackburn33
98-2-014Attachment IconPartisan corroboration, and shifted pairingGurevich, Veanes35
98-2-013Attachment IconRigid reachabilityGanzinger, Jacquemard, Veanes24
98-2-012Attachment IconModel checking infinite-state systems in CLPDelzanno, Podelski44
98-2-011Attachment IconEquality reasoning in sequent-based calculiDegtyarev, Voronkov128
98-2-010Attachment IconStrategies for conformance testingRamangalahy24
98-2-009Attachment IconThe undecidability of the first-order theories of one step rewriting in linear canonical systemsVorobyov59
98-2-008Attachment IconAE-Equational theory of context unification is Co-RE-HardVorobyov20
98-2-007Attachment IconThe most nonelementary theory (a direct lower bound proof)Vorobyov36
98-2-006Attachment IconHybrid languages and temporal logicBlackburn, Tzakova29
98-2-005Attachment IconThe relation between second-order unification and simultaneous rigid \sl E-unificationVeanes26
98-2-004Attachment IconSatisfiability of Functional+Record Subtype Constraints is NP-HardVorobyov16
98-2-003Attachment IconE-unification for subsystems of S4Schmidt30
98-2-002Attachment IconUnification in extensions of shallow equational theoriesJacquemard, Meyer, Weidenbach31
98-1-031Attachment IconOptimal compaction of orthogonal grid drawingsKlau, Mutzel20
98-1-030Attachment IconApplications of the generic programming paradigm in the design of CGALBrönniman, Kettner, Schirra, Veltkamp12
98-1-029Attachment IconOptimizing over all combinatorial embeddings of a planar graphMutzel, Weiskircher23
98-1-028Attachment IconOn the performance of LEDA-SMCrauser, Mehlhorn, Althaus, Brengel, Buchheit, Keller, Krone, Lambert, Schulte, Thiel, Westphal, Wirth26
98-1-027Attachment IconDelaunay graphs by divide and conquerBurnikel24
98-1-026Attachment IconImproved approximation schemes for scheduling unrelated parallel machinesJansen, Porkolab14
98-1-025Attachment IconLinear-time approximation schemes for scheduling malleable parallel tasksJansen, Porkolab15
98-1-024Attachment Icon$q$-gram based database searching using a suffix array (QUASAR)Burkhardt, Crauser, Ferragina, Lenhof, Rivals, Vingron11
98-1-023Attachment IconRational points on circlesBurnikel14
98-1-022Attachment IconFast recursive divisionBurnikel, Ziegler29
98-1-021Attachment IconScheduling with unexpected machine breakdownsAlbers, Schmidt15
98-1-020Attachment IconOn Wallace's method for the generation of normal variatesRüb17
98-1-019Attachment Icon2nd Workshop on Algorithm Engineering WAE '98 - ProceedingsMehlhorn (ed.)213
98-1-018Attachment IconOn positive influence and negative dependenceDubhashi, Ranjan12
98-1-017Attachment IconRandomized external-memory algorithms for some geometric problemsCrauser, Ferragina, Mehlhorn, Meyer, Ramos27
98-1-016Attachment IconNew approximation algorithms for the achromatic numberKrysta, Lory\'{s}26
98-1-015Attachment IconScheduling multicasts on unit-capacity trees and meshesHenzinger, Leonardi38
98-1-014Attachment IconTime-independent gossiping on full-port toriMeyer, Sibeyn20
98-1-013Attachment IconQuasi-orthogonal drawing of planar graphsKlau, Mutzel15
98-1-012Attachment IconSolving some discrepancy problems in NC*Mahajan, Ramos, Subrahmanyam21
98-1-011Attachment IconRobustness analysis in combinatorial optimizationFrederickson, Solis-Oba66
98-1-010Attachment Icon2-Approximation algorithm for finding a spanning tree with maximum number of leavesSolis-Oba16
98-1-009Attachment IconFully dynamic shortest paths and negative cycle detection on diagraphs with Arbitrary Arc WeightsFrigioni, Marchetti-Spaccamela, Nanni18
98-1-008Attachment IconA note on computing a maximal planar subgraph using PQ-treesJünger, Leipert, Mutzel5
98-1-007Attachment IconOn the Design of CGAL, the Computational Geometry Algorithms LibraryFabri, Giezeman, Kettner, Schirra, Schönherr31
98-1-006Attachment IconA new characterization for parity graphs and a coloring problem with costsJansen16
98-1-005Attachment IconThe mutual exclusion scheduling problem for permutation and comparability graphsJansen12
98-1-004Attachment IconRobustness and precision issues in geometric computationSchirra34
98-1-003Attachment IconParameterized implementations of classical planar convex hull algorithms and extreme point compuationsSchirra93
98-1-002Attachment IconComparator networks for binary heap constructionBrodal, Pinotti11
98-1-001Attachment IconSimpler and faster static AC$^0$ dictionariesHagerup13
97-2-012Attachment IconElimination of equality via transformation with ordering constraintsBachmair, Ganzinger, Voronkov18
97-2-011Attachment IconStrict basic superposition and chainingBachmair, Ganzinger22
97-2-010Attachment IconComplexity of nonrecursive logic programs with complex valuesVorobyov, Voronkov46
97-2-009Attachment IconOn the Chvátal rank of polytopes in the 0/1 cubeBockmayr, Eisenbrand12
97-2-008Attachment IconA unifying framework for integer and finite domain constraint programmingBockmayr, Kasper24
97-2-007Attachment IconTwo hybrid logicsBlackburn, Tzakova33
97-2-006Attachment IconThird-order matching in $\lambda\rightarrow$-Curry is undecidableVorobyov17
97-2-005Attachment IconA theory of resolutionBachmair, Ganzinger79
97-2-004Attachment IconSolving set constraints for greatest modelsCharatonik, Podelski12
97-2-003Attachment IconOn evaluating decision procedures for modal logicHustadt, Schmidt50
97-2-002Attachment IconResolution is a decision procedure for many propositional modal logicsSchmidt60
97-2-001Attachment IconLabelled modal logics: quantifiersBasin, Matthews, Viganò31
97-1-028Attachment IconThe practical use of the $\calA^*$ algorithm for exact multiple sequence alignmentLermen, Reinert16
97-1-027Attachment IconA polylogarithmic approximation algorithm for group Steiner tree problemGarg, Konjevod, Ravi7
97-1-026Attachment IconOn-line network routing - a surveyFiat, Leonardi19
97-1-025Attachment IconFaster and simpler algorithms for multicommodity flow and other fractional packing problemsGarg, Könemann13
97-1-024Attachment IconMinimizing stall time in single and parallel disk systemsAlbers, Garg, Leonardi16
97-1-023Attachment IconRandomized on-line call control revisitedLeonardi, Marchetti-Spaccamela19
97-1-022Attachment IconMaximum network flow with floating point arithmeticAlthaus, Mehlhorn5
97-1-021Attachment IconFrom parallel to external list rankingSibeyn15
97-1-020Attachment IconFinger search trees with constant insertion timeBrodal17
97-1-019Attachment IconAGD-Library: A Library of Algorithms for Graph DrawingAlberts, Gutwenger, Mutzel, Näher13
97-1-018Attachment IconOn the Bahncard problemFleischer16
97-1-017Attachment IconExploring unknown environmentsAlbers, Henzinger23
97-1-016Attachment IconFaster deterministic sorting and priority queues in linear spaceThorup9
97-1-015Attachment IconPitfalls of using PQ--Trees in automatic graph drawingJünger, Leipert, Mutzel12
97-1-014Attachment IconDesigning a Computational Geometry Algorithms LibrarySchirra8
97-1-013Attachment IconDatenstrukturen und AlgorithmenHagerup223
97-1-012Attachment IconOn Batcher's Merge Sorts as Parallel Sorting AlgorithmsRüb23
97-1-011Attachment IconA parallel priority queue with constant time operationsBrodal, Träff, Zaroliagis19
97-1-010Attachment IconEvaluating a 2-approximation algorithm for edge-separators in planar graphsGarg, Manss9
97-1-009Attachment IconBetter bounds for online schedulingAlbers16
97-1-008Attachment IconAn alternative method to crossing minimization on hierarchical graphsMutzel15
97-1-007Attachment IconAlgorithmen zum automatischen Zeichnen von GraphenBrandenburg, Jünger, Mutzel9
97-1-006Attachment IconRestricted 2-factor polytopesCunningham, Wang30
97-1-005Attachment IconBicriteria job sequencing with release datesWang18
97-1-004Attachment IconNew contact measures for the protein docking problemLenhof10
97-1-003Attachment IconParallel algorithms for MD-simulations of synthetic polymersJung, Lenhof, Müller, Rüb32
97-1-002Attachment IconApproximating sparsest cutsGarg9
97-1-001Attachment IconBSP-like external-memory computationSibeyn, Kaufmann14
96-2-010Attachment IconStrong skolemizationNonnengart16
96-2-009Attachment IconBeyond the finite in automatic hardware verificationBasin, Klarlund51
96-2-008Attachment IconOn the decision complexity of the bounded theories of treesVorobyov26
96-2-007Attachment IconSCAN and systems of conditional logicHerzig33
96-2-006Attachment IconNatural deduction for non-classical logicsBasin, Matthews, Viganò44
96-2-005Attachment IconAuxiliary modal operators and the characterization of modal framesNonnengart37
96-2-004Attachment IconNon-symmetric rewritingStruth20
96-2-003Attachment IconUsing algebraic specification languages for model-oriented specificationsBaumeister17
96-2-002Attachment IconLabelled propositional modal logics: theory and practiceBasin, Matthews, Viganò46
96-2-001Attachment IconTheorem proving in cancellative abelian monoidsGanzinger, Waldmann52
96-1-033Attachment IconA runtime test of integer arithmetic and linear algebra in LEDASeel10
96-1-032Attachment IconRuntime prediction of real programs on real machinesFinkler, Mehlhorn10
96-1-031Attachment IconOn the complexity of computing evolutionary treesGasieniec, Jansson, Lingas, Östlin14
96-1-030Attachment IconExternal inverse pattern matchingGasieniec, Indyk, Krysta12
96-1-029Attachment IconLower bounds for row minima searchingBradford, Reinert12
96-1-028Attachment IconA branch-and-cut algorithm for multiple sequence alignmentReinert, Lenhof, Mutzel, Mehlhorn, Kececioglou15
96-1-027Attachment IconA branch-and-cut approach to physical mapping with end-probesChristof, Jünger, Kececioglou, Mutzel, Reinelt10
96-1-026Attachment IconA survey of self-organizing data structuresAlbers, Westbrook39
96-1-025Attachment Icon2-Layer straigthline crossing minimization: performance of exact and heuristic algorithmsJünger, Mutzel14
96-1-024Attachment IconMore geneal parallel tree contraction: Register allocation and broadcasting in a treeDiks, Hagerup24
96-1-023Attachment IconDiscovering all most specific sentences by randomized algorithmsGunopulos, Mannila, Saluja23
96-1-022Attachment IconOptimal algorithms for some proximity problems on the Gaussian sphere with applicationsSaluja, Gupta8
96-1-021Attachment IconGeneralized $k$-Center ProblemsGarg, Chaudhuri, Ravi9
96-1-020Attachment IconNegative dependence through the FKG InequalityDubhashi, Priebe, Ranjan10
96-1-019Attachment IconRotations of periodic strings and short superstringsBreslauer, Jiang, Jiang13
96-1-018Attachment IconGossiping on meshes and toriSibeyn, Rao, Juurlink19
96-1-017Attachment IconA technique for adding range restrictions to generalized searching problemsGupta, Janardan, Smid9
96-1-016Attachment IconA computational basis for higher-dimensional computational geometryMehlhorn, Näher, Schirra, Seel, Uhrig120
96-1-015Attachment IconComputational Molecular BiologyVingron, Lenhof, Mutzel26
96-1-014Attachment IconThe randomized complexity of maintaining the minimumBrodal, Chaudhuri, Radhakrishnan12
96-1-013Attachment IconDerandomizing semidefinite programming based approximation algorithmsMahajan, Ramesh22
96-1-012Attachment IconA simple parallel algorithm for the single-source shortest path problem on planar diagraphsTräff, Zaroliagis17
96-1-011Attachment IconThe impact of timing on linearizability in counting networksMavronicolas, Papatriantafilou, Tsigas19
96-1-010Attachment IconDistributed list coloring: how to dynamically allocate frequencies to mobile base stationsGarg, Papatriantafilou, Tsigas15
96-1-009Attachment IconThe thickness of graphs: a surveyMutzel, Odenthal, Scharbrodt18
96-1-008Attachment IconEfficient algorithms for counting and reporting pairwise intersections between convex polygonsGupta, Janardan, Smid11
96-1-007Attachment IconAll-pairs min-cut in sparse networksArikati, Chaudhuri, Zaroliagis27
96-1-006Attachment IconOn the complexity of approximating Euclidean traveling salesman tours and minimum spanning treesDas, Kapoor, Smid14
96-1-005Attachment IconVorlesungsskript KomplexitätstheorieHagerup150
96-1-004Attachment IconExact ground states of two-dimensional $\pm J$ Ising Spin GlassesDe Simone, Diehl, Jünger, Mutzel, Reinelt, Rinaldi10
96-1-003Attachment IconProximity in arrangements of algebraic setsRieger25
96-1-002Attachment IconHigh-precision floating point numbers in LEDABurnikel, Könemann47
96-1-001Attachment IconThe LEDA class real numberBurnikel, Mehlhorn, Schirra52
95-2-011Attachment IconModelling mixed-integer optimisation problems in constraint logic programmingBarth, Bockmayr22
95-2-010Attachment IconSpecial cases and substitutes for rigid $E$-unificationPlaisted46
95-2-009Attachment IconOrdered chaining calculi for first-order theories of binary relationsBachmair, Ganzinger42
95-2-008Attachment IconTranslating graded modalities into predicate logicOhlbach, Schmidt, Hustadt37
95-2-007Attachment IconA fixpoint approach to second-order quantifier elimination with applications to correspondence theoryNonnengart, Szalas16
95-2-006Attachment IconAutomated complexity analysis based on ordered resolutionBasin, Ganzinger33
95-2-005Attachment IconA multi-dimensional terminological knowledge representation languageBaader, Ohlbach32
95-2-003Attachment IconA Davis-Putnam based enumeration algorithm for linear pseudo-Boolean optimizationBarth13
95-2-002Attachment IconFunctional translation and second-order frame properties of modal logicsOhlbach, Schmidt27
95-2-001Attachment IconProof normalization and subject reduction in extensions of FsubVorobyov18
95-1-029Attachment IconWeak epsilon-nets for points on a hypersphereBradford, Capoyleas8
95-1-028Attachment IconExact and heuristic algorithms for 2-layer straightline crossing minimizationJünger, Mutzel12
95-1-027Attachment IconThe thickness of a minor-excluded class of graphsJünger, Mutzel, Odenthal, Scharbrodt9
95-1-026Attachment IconClosest point problems in computational geometrySmid62
95-1-025Attachment IconMatching nuts and bolts optimallyBradford24
95-1-024Attachment IconSorting in linear time?Andersson, Nilsson, Hagerup, Raman32
95-1-023Attachment IconAn algorithm for the protein docking problemLenhof11
95-1-022Attachment IconNew deterministic algorithms for counting pairs of intersecting segments and off-line triangle range searchingPellegrini12
95-1-021Attachment IconShortest paths in digraphs of small treewidth part II: optimal parallel algirithmsChaudhuri, Zaroliagis20
95-1-020Attachment IconShortest paths in digraphs of small treewidth sequential algorithmsChaudhuri, Zaroliagis17
95-1-019Attachment IconThe fourth moment in Luby`s distributionDubhashi, Pantziou, Spirakis, Zaroliagis10
95-1-018Attachment IconOverview of mesh resultsSibeyn22
95-1-017Attachment IconParallel algorithms with optimal speedup for bounded treewidthBodlaender, Hagerup27
95-1-016Attachment IconWait-free consensus in "in-phase" multiprocessor systemsPapatriantafilou, Tsigas12
95-1-015Attachment IconDynamic maintenance of 2-d convex hulls and order decomposable problemsKapoor22
95-1-014Attachment IconA polyhedral approach to planar augmentation and related problemsMutzel14
95-1-013Attachment IconEfficient computation of implicit representations of sparse graphs (revised version)Arikati, Maheshwari, Zaroliagis16
95-1-012Attachment IconSample sort on meshesSibeyn14
95-1-011Attachment IconAutomatisiertes Zeichnen von DiagrammenMutzel5
95-1-010Attachment IconOn the average running time of odd-even merge sortRüb16
95-1-009Attachment IconRadix heaps an efficient implementation for priority queuesKönemann, Schmitz, Schwarz27
95-1-007Attachment IconInteractive Proof SystemsRadhakrishnan, Saluja121
95-1-006Attachment IconA polylog-time and $O(n\sqrt\lg n)$-work parallel algorithm for finding the row minima in totally monotone matricesBradford, Fleischer, Smid12
95-1-005Attachment IconTowards self-stabilizing wait-free shared memory objectsHoepmann, Papatriantafilou, Tsigas15
95-1-004Attachment IconExact ground states of Ising spin classes: new experimental results with a branch and cut algorithmDiehl, De Simone, Jünger, Mutzel, Reinelt, Rinaldi17
95-1-003Attachment IconMatching nuts and bolts fasterBradford, Fleischer7
95-1-002Attachment IconLEDA user manual (version R 3.2)Näher, Uhrig184
95-1-001Attachment IconComputing a largest empty anchored cylinder, and related problemsSmid, Thiel, Follert, Schömer, Sellen17
94-261Attachment IconFinite domain and cutting plane techniques in CLP($\cal PB$)Barth, Bockmayr16
94-257Attachment IconStructural decidable extensions of bounded quantificationVorobyov12
94-252Attachment IconA survey of program transformation with special reference to unfold/fold style program developmentMadden36
94-251Attachment IconSubstitution tree indexingGraf34
94-246Attachment IconOn extra variables in (Equational) logic programmingHanus33
94-241Attachment IconGenetic algorithms within the framework of evolutionary computation: Proceedings of the KI-94 WorkshopHopf (ed.)161
94-240Attachment IconRecursive program optimization through inductive synthesis proof transformationMadden44
94-239Attachment IconA general technique for automatically optimizing programs through the use of proof plansMadden, Green16
94-238Attachment IconFormal methods of automated program improvementMadden12
94-235Attachment IconOrdered semantic hyper-linkingPlaisted22
94-234Attachment IconReflection using the derivability conditionsMatthews, Simpson14
94-233Attachment IconThe search efficiency of theorem proving strategies: an analytical comparisonPlaisted40
94-232Attachment IconAn abstract program generation logicPlaisted58
94-230Attachment IconTemporal logic: Proceedings of the ICTL WorkshopOhlbach (ed.)116
94-229Attachment IconClassical methods in nonmonotonic reasoningDimopoulos26
94-228Attachment IconComputer support for the development and investigation of logicsOhlbach24
94-227Attachment IconMinimal resolutionWeidenbach20
94-226Attachment IconKiller transformationsOhlbach, Gabbay, Plaisted45
94-225Attachment IconSynthesizing semantics for extensions of propositional logicOhlbach45
94-224Attachment IconIntegration of declarative paradigms: Proceedings of the ICLP'94 Post-Conference Workshop, Santa Margherita Ligure, ItalyAït-Kaci, Hanus, Navarro149
94-223Attachment IconLDS - Labelled Deductive Systems: Volume 1 - FoundationsGabbay465
94-218Attachment IconLogic frameworks for logic programsBasin13
94-216Attachment IconLinear 0-1 inequalities and extended clausesBarth53
94-209Attachment IconTermination orderings for ripplingBasin, Walsh15
94-208Attachment IconA probabilistic extension of terminological logicsJaeger64
94-207Attachment IconCutting planes in constraint logic programming Bockmayr23
94-201Attachment IconThe integration of functions into logic programming: a surveyHanus48
94-162Attachment IconOn the parallel complexity of degree sequence problemsArikati12
94-160Attachment IconImplementation of a sweep line algorithm for the Straight \& Line Segment Intersection ProblemMehlhorn, Näher41
94-158Attachment IconFurther improvements of Steiner tree approximationsKarpinksi, Zelikovsky10
94-156Attachment IconDynamic algorithms for geometric spanners of small diameter: randomized solutionsArya, Mount, Smid?
94-155Attachment IconLecture notes selected topics in data structuresSmid76
94-153Attachment IconTowards practical permutation routing on meshesKaufmann, Meyer, Sibeyn11
94-150Attachment IconOn characteristic points and approximate decision algorithms for the minimum Hausdorff distanceChew, Kedem, Schirra10
94-149Attachment IconRevenge of the dog: queries on Voronoi diagrams of moving pointsDevillers, Golin, Schirra, Kedem14
94-148Attachment IconEfficient computation of compact representations of sparse graphsArikati, Maheshwari, Zaroliagis10
94-147Attachment IconEfficient collision detection for moving polyhedraSchömer, Thiel24
94-145Attachment IconPrefix graphs and their applicationsChaudhuri, Hagerup13
94-144Attachment IconStochastic majorisation: exploding some mythsDubhashi, Ranjan5
94-143Attachment IconSome correlation inequalities for probabilistic analysis of algorithmsDubhashi, Ranjan16
94-142Attachment IconThe rectangle enclosure and point-dominance problems revisitedGupta, Janardan, Smid, Dasgupta16
94-137Attachment IconImproved parallel integer sorting without concurrent writingAlbers, Hagerup?
94-136Attachment IconNear-optimal distributed edgeDubhashi, Panconesi12
94-131Attachment IconHammock-on-ears decomposition: a technique for the efficient parallel solution of shortest paths and other problemsKavvadias, Pantziou, Spirakis, Zaroliagis38
94-122Attachment IconRealizing degree sequences in parallelArikati, Maheshwari27
94-121Attachment IconShort random walks on graphsBarnes, Feige14
94-120Attachment IconA method for implementing lock-free shared data structuresBarnes15
94-119Attachment IconTime-space lower bounds for directed s-t connectivity on JAG modelsBarnes, Edmonds?
94-117Attachment IconOn the embedding phase of the Hopcroft and Tarjan planarity testing algorithmMehlhorn, Mutzel8
94-115Attachment IconEfficient construction of a bounded degree spanner with low weightArya, Smid25
94-114Attachment IconOn-line and dynamic algorithms for shortest path problemsDjidjev, Pantziou, Zaroliagis20
94-113Attachment IconFast algorithms for collision and proximity problems involving moving geometric objectsGupta, Janardan, Smid22
94-112Attachment IconOn-line and Dynamic Shortest Paths through Graph Decompositions (Preliminary Version)Djidjev, Pantziou, Zaroliagis14
94-111Attachment IconOn the width and roundness of a set of points in the planeSmid, Janardan14
94-110Attachment IconQuickest paths: faster algorithms and dynamizationKargaris, Pantziou, Tragoudas, Zaroliagis15
94-106Attachment IconNew on-line algorithms for the page replication problemAlbers, Koga18
94-105Attachment IconAn implementation of a Convex Hull Algorithm, Version 1.0Müller, Ziegler63
94-104Attachment IconKomplexitätstheorie und effiziente AlgorithmenFleischer30
94-103Attachment IconOn the intellectual terrain around NPChari, Hartmanis11
94-102Attachment IconDesnakification of mesh sorting algorithmsSibeyn21
93-.01*No TitleMatthews, Simpson
93-267Attachment IconAssociative-commutative superpositionBachmair, Ganzinger?
93-265Attachment IconNegativ set constraints: an easy proof of decidabilityCharatonik, Pacholski11
93-264Attachment IconGraph theoretical structures in logic programs and default theoriesDimopoulos, Torres28
93-260Attachment IconThe logic of preference and decision supporting systemsCvetkovic71
93-258Linear logic meets the Lambda Calculus, part ITönne?
93-257Attachment IconComputing stable models by program transformationStuber15
93-256Attachment IconSolving simplifications ordering constraintsJohann, Socher-Ambrosius16
93-253Attachment IconExtended path-indexingGraf, Meyer?
93-253Attachment IconExtended path-IndexingGraf, Meyer?
93-250Attachment IconOrdered chaining for total orderingsBachmair, Ganzinger20
93-249Attachment IconRewrite techniques for transitive relationsBachmair, Ganzinger19
93-243Attachment IconA needed narrowing strategyAntoy, Echahed, Hanus28
93-237Attachment IconA refined version of general E-unificationSocher-Ambrosius12
93-236Attachment IconBasic paramodulationBachmair, Ganzinger, Lynch, Snyder36
93-235Attachment IconA conservative extension of first-order logic and its application to theorem provingBasin, Matthews11
93-234Attachment IconKünstliche Intelligenz und Operations ResearchBockmayr, Radermacher36
93-233Attachment IconNarrowing strategies for arbitrary canonical rewrite systemsBockmayr, Krischer, Werner29
93-231Attachment IconA framework for program development based on schematic proofBasin, Bundy, Kraan, Matthews12
93-230Attachment IconClassical vs non-classical logics: the universality of classical logicGabbay101
93-227Attachment IconA theory and its metatheory in FS 0Matthews22
93-226Attachment IconOn kernels, defaults and even graphsDimopoulos, Magirou, Papadimitriou11
93-225Attachment IconTranslation methods for non-classical logics: an overviewOhlbach18
93-222Attachment IconA debugging model for functional logic programsHanus, Josephs14
93-220Attachment IconTowards automating dualityBrink, Gabbay, Ohlbach50
93-217Attachment IconUnification of terms with exponentsSocher-Ambrosius21
93-215Attachment IconLazy unification with inductive simplificationHanus20
93-214Attachment IconMiddle-out reasoning for logic program synthesisBasin, Kraan, Bundy12
93-213Attachment IconWorkshop on Theorem Proving with Analytic Tableaux and Related Methods, Marseille, France, 1993Basin, Hähnle, Fronhöfer, Posegga, Schwind (ed.)?
93-212Attachment IconA multi-dimensional terminological knowledge representation language - preliminary versionOhlbach, Baader17
93-211Attachment IconUnification in sort theories and its applicationsWeidenbach36
93-204Attachment IconSuperposition with simplification as a decision procedure for the monadic class with equalityGanzinger, Bachmair, Waldmann14
93-166Attachment IconEffizient algorithms for generalized intersection searching on non-iso-oriented objectsGupta, Janardan, Smid32
93-163Attachment IconDeterministic 1-k routing on meshes with applications to worm-hole routingSibeyn, Kaufmann13
93-162Attachment IconOn multi-party communication complexity of random functionsGrolmusz10
93-161Attachment IconHarmonic analysis, real approximation, and the communication complexity of Boolean functionsGrolmusz15
93-159Attachment IconNew techniques for exact and approximate dynamic closest-point problemsKapoor, Smid29
93-155Attachment IconQuantifier elimination in p-adic fieldsDubhashi21
93-154Attachment IconSearching, sorting and randomised algorithms for central elements and ideal counting in posetsDubhashi, Mehlhorn, Ranjan, Thiel8
93-152Attachment IconOptimal parallel string algorithms: sorting, merching and computing the minimumHagerup25
93-151Attachment IconAn implementation of the Hopcroft and Tarjan planarity test and embedding algorithmMehlhorn20
93-148Attachment IconLower bounds for merging on the hypercubeRüb10
93-147Attachment IconThe complexity of parallel prefix problems on small domainsChaudhuri, Radhakrishnan17
93-146Attachment IconA lower bound for linear approximate compactionChaudhuri12
93-145Attachment IconSensitive functions and approximate problemsChaudhuri8
93-144Attachment IconA lower bound for area-universal graphsBilardi, Chaudhuri, Dubhashi, Mehlhorn7
93-142Attachment IconMOD m gates do not help on the ground floorGrolmusz13
93-140Attachment IconA complete and efficient algorithm for the intersection of a general convex polyhedronDobrindt, Mehlhorn, Yvinec14
93-138Attachment IconRouting and sorting on circular arraysSibeyn20
93-132Attachment IconMulti-party protocols and spectral normsGrolmusz11
93-129Attachment IconTight bounds for some problems in computational geometry: the complete sub-logarithmic parallel time rangeSen12
93-128Attachment IconMaintaining dynamic sequences under equality-tests in polylogorithmic timeMehlhorn, Uhrig17
93-124Attachment IconAlgorithms for some intersection searching problems involving curved objectsGupta, Janardan, Smid43
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93-123Attachment IconFast parallel space allocation, estimation and integer sorting (revised)Bast, Hagerup85
93-121Attachment IconThe circuit subfunction relations are $sum^P_2$-completeBorchert, Ranjan14
93-119Attachment IconGeneralized topological sorting in linear timeHagerup, Maas10
93-118Attachment IconApproximate and exact deterministic parallel selectionChaudhuri, Hagerup, Raman10
93-116Attachment IconFinding k points with a smallest enclosing squareSmid17
93-110Attachment IconColoring k-colorable graphs in expected parallel timeKucera14
93-109Attachment IconLEDA-Manual Version 3.0Näher, Mehlhorn140
93-108Attachment IconStatic and dynamic algorithms for k-point clustering problemsSmid, Datta, Lenhof, Schwarz20
93-107Attachment IconExpected complexity of graph partitioning problemsKucera16
93-106Attachment IconBroadcasting through a noisy one-dimensional networkKucera14
93-105Attachment IconRandomized incremental construction of abstract Voronoi diagramsKlein, Mehlhorn, Meiser29
93-103Attachment IconTail estimates for the efficiency of randomized incremental algorithms for line segment intersectionMehlhorn, Sharir, Welzl12
93-102Attachment IconRandomized Data Structures for the Dynamic Closest-Pair ProblemGolin, Raman, Schwarz, Smid32
92-.48not publishedTönne
92-601Attachment IconSelf-testing and self-checking combinational circuits with weakly independent outputsSogomonjan, Goessel18
92-251Attachment IconAnalysis of nonlinear constraints in CLP(R)Hanus31
92-250Attachment IconReflection in logical systemsMatthews14
92-247Attachment IconDifference unificationBasin, Walsh15
92-246Attachment IconTerminological representation, natural language & relation algebraSchmidt13
92-244Attachment IconLogic program synthesis via proof planningKraan, Basin, Bundy14
92-242Attachment IconTemporal logic: Mathematical foundations, part 2Gabbay, Hodkinson, Reynolds30
92-240Attachment IconSet constraints are the Monadic classGanzinger, Bachmair, Waldmann13
92-238Attachment IconA new ordering constraint solving method and its applicationsNieuwenhuis12
92-237Attachment IconPath indexing for term retrievalGraf12
92-237Attachment IconPath Indexing for Term RetrievalGraf12
92-236Attachment IconMotel user manualHustadt, Nonnengart, Schmidt, Timm45
92-236Attachment IconMotel User ManualHustadt, Nonnengart, Schmidt, Timm
92-236Attachment IconMotel User ManualHustadt, Nonnengart, Schmidt, Timm
92-233Attachment IconCLP($\cal PB$): A Meta-Interpreter in CLP($\cal R$)Barth18
92-232Attachment IconPreprints of Proceedings of GWAI-92Ohlbach47
92-231Attachment IconQuantifier elimination in second-order predicate logicGabbay, Ohlbach18
92-230Attachment IconA recursion planning analysis of inductive completionBarnett, Basin, Hesketh14
92-229Attachment IconPeirce algebrasBrink, Britz, Schmidt22
92-228Attachment IconFirst-order modal logic theorem proving and standard PROLOGNonnengart48
92-224Attachment IconCompleteness of resolution and superposition calculiSocher-Ambrosius9
92-219Attachment IconUnification and matching in Church's Original Lambda CalculusHustadt16
92-217Attachment IconAn abstract interpretation algorithm for residuating logic programsHanus20
92-216Attachment IconFirst-order theorem proving modulo equationsWertz108
92-214Attachment IconExperience with FS0 as a framework theoryMatthews, Smaill, Basin25
92-213Attachment IconTemporal logic: Mathematical foundationsGabbay166
92-211Attachment IconDifference matchingBasin, Walsh12
92-209Attachment IconOn correspondence between modal and classical logic: automated approachSzalas17
92-207Attachment IconSemi-unificationSocher-Ambrosius10
92-206Attachment IconA goal oriented strategy based on completionSocher-Ambrosius14
92-205Attachment IconMetalogical frameworksBasin, Constable20
92-203Attachment IconOn natural deduction in fixpoint logicsSzalas18
92-155Attachment IconSimple randomized algorithms for closest pair problemsGolin, Raman, Schwarz, Smid14
92-154Attachment IconFurther results on generalized intersection searching problems: counting, reporting, and dynamizationSmid, Gupta, Janardan41
92-153Attachment IconSemi-dynamic maintenance of the width of a planar point setSchwarz14
92-152Attachment IconFinding k points with a smallest enclosing squareSmid8
92-149Attachment IconFast deterministic processor allocationHagerup11
92-145not publishedHagerup, Mehlhorn, Munro
92-143Attachment IconThe influence of lookahead in competitive on-line algorithmsAlbers56
92-141Attachment IconWaste makes haste: tight bounds for loose parallel sortingHagerup, Raman185
92-135Attachment IconFurthest site abstract Voronoi diagramsMehlhorn, Meiser, Rasch25
92-134Attachment IconSequential and parallel algorithms for the k closest pairs problemLenhof, Smid18
92-127Attachment IconA lower bound for set intersection queriesMehlhorn, Uhrig, Raman14
92-126Attachment IconDynamic point location in general subdivisionsBaumgarten, Jung, Mehlhorn30
92-125Attachment IconA new lower bound technique for decision treesFleischer21
92-123Attachment IconThe largest hyper-rectangle in a three dimensional orthogonal polyhedronKrithivasan, Vanisree, Datta7
92-122Attachment IconA faster 11/6-approximation algorithm for the Steiner tree problem in graphsZelikovsky8
92-121Attachment IconMinimum base of weighted k polymatroid and Steiner tree problemZelikovsky9
92-120Attachment IconSeparating the communication complexities of MOD m and MOD p circuitsGrolmusz16
92-118Attachment IconEnumerating the k closest pairs mechanicallySmid, Lenhof12
92-115Attachment IconFast integer merging on the EREW PRAMHagerup, Kutylowski12
92-112Attachment IconFour results on randomized incremental constructionsClarkson, Mehlhorn, Seidel21
92-110Attachment IconA method for obtaining randomized algorithms with small tail probalitiesAlt, Guibas, Mehlhorn, Karp, Widgerson5
92-108Attachment IconComputing intersections and arrangements for red-blue curve segments in parallelRüb30
92-104Attachment IconCircuits and multi-party protocolsGrolmusz16
92-102Attachment IconMaintaining the visibility map of spheres while moving the viewpoint on a circle at infinityLenhof, Smid16
92-101Attachment IconA simple balanced search tree with 0(1) worst-case update timeFleischer10
91-228Attachment IconA complete transformation system for polymorphic higher-order unificationHustadt22
91-227Attachment IconLogic programming with pseudo-Boolean constraintsBockmayr20
91-218Attachment IconA sorted logic using dynamic sortsWeidenbach71
91-217Attachment IconDeduction systems based on resolutionEisinger, Ohlbach68
91-216Attachment IconAlgebraic terminological representationSchmidt113
91-211Attachment IconNatural semantics and some of its meta-theory in ElfMichaylov, Pfenning26
91-209Attachment IconAssociative-commutative reduction orderingsBachmair7
91-208Attachment IconRewrite-based equational theorem proving with selection and simplificationBachmair, Ganzinger24
91-126Attachment IconOptimal embedding of a toroidal mesh in a pathPaterson, Schröder, Sýkora, Vrto6
91-125Attachment IconEdge separators for graphs of bounded genus with applicationsSýkora, Vrto10
91-124Attachment IconOn crossing numbers of hypercubes and cube connected cyclesSýkora, Vrto6
91-123Attachment IconAn optimal algorithm for the on-line closest-pair problemSchwarz, Smid, Snoeyink11
91-122Attachment IconOn embeddings in cyclesHromkovic, Müller, Sýkora, Vrto22
91-121Attachment IconOn a compaction theorem of ragdeHagerup6
91-120Attachment IconAn $O(n^3)$-time maximum-flow algorithmCheriyan, Hagerup, Mehlhorn30
91-115Attachment IconA lower bound for the nondeterministic space complexity of contextfree recognitionAlt, Geffert, Mehlhorn4
91-114Attachment IconAlgorithms for dense graphs and networksCheriyan, Mehlhorn29
91-113Attachment IconTail estimates for the space complexity of randomized incremantal algorithmsMehlhorn, Sharir, Welzl8
91-112Attachment IconAn optimal construction method for generalized convex layersLenhof, Smid25
91-110Attachment IconApproximate decision algorithms for point set congruenceHeffernan, Schirra25
91-107Attachment IconAn O(n log n log log n) algorithm for the on-line closes pair problemSchwarz, Smid21
91-106Attachment IconFast parallel space allocation, estimation an integer sortingHagerup28
91-105Attachment IconSimultaneous inner and outer aproximation of shapesFleischer, Mehlhorn, Rote, Welzl24
91-104Attachment IconA tight lower bound for the worst case of bottom-up-heapsortFleischer13
91-103Attachment IconMaintaining the minimal distance of a point set in polylogarithmic time (revised version)Smid17
91-102Attachment IconRange trees with slack parameterSmid11
91-101Attachment IconDynamic rectangular point location, with an application to the closest pair problemSmid28