MPI-INF/SWS Research Reports 1991-2021

2. Number - only D4 - MPI-INF/SWS Research Reports 1991-2021

2014-4-002Attachment IconFast Tracking of Hand and Finger Articulations Using a Single Depth CameraSridhar, Oulasvirta, Theobalt14
2014-4-001Attachment IconLocal high-order regularization on data manifoldsKim, Tompkin, Theobalt?
2013-4-001HDR reconstruction of cluttered dynamic scenesGranados, Kim, Theobalt?
2012-4-001Attachment IconSymmetry detection in large scale city scansKerber, Bokeloh, Wand, Seidel32
2011-4-005Attachment IconA morphable part model for shape manipulationBerner, Burghard, Wand, Mitra, Klein, Seidel33
2011-4-003Attachment IconVideoscapes: exploring unstructured video collectionsTompkin, Kim, Kautz, Theobalt32
2011-4-002Attachment IconEfficient learning-based image enhancement : application to
compression artifact removal and super-resolution
Kim, Kwon, Kim, Theobalt28
2011-4-001Attachment IconHow not to be seen – inpainting dynamic objects in crowded scenesGranados, Tompkin, In Kim, Grau, Kautz, Theobalt35
2009-4-006Attachment IconOptical reconstruction of detailed animatable human body modelsStoll37
2009-4-005Attachment IconGeneralized intrinsic symmetry detectionBerner, Bokeloh, Wand, Schilling, Seidel33
2009-4-004Attachment IconMPI Informatics building model as data for your researchHavran, Zajac, Drahokoupil, Seidel113
2009-4-003Attachment IconA shaped temporal filter cameraFuchs, Chen, Wang, Raskar, Lensch, Seidel25
2009-4-002Attachment IconA Bayesian approach to manifold topology reconstructionTevs, Wand, Ihrke, Seidel23
2009-4-001Attachment IconAcquisition and analysis of bispectral bidirectional reflectance distribution functionsHullin, Ajdin, Hanika, Seidel, Kautz, Lensch25
2008-4-003Attachment IconCrease surfaces: from theory to extraction and application to diffusion tensor MRISchultz, Theisel, Seidel33
2008-4-002Attachment IconShape complexity from image similarityWang, Belyaev, Saleem, Seidel28
2007-4-008Attachment IconGlobal stochastic optimization for robust and accurate human motion captureGall, Brox, Rosenhahn, Seidel28
2007-4-007Attachment IconGlobal illumination using photon ray splattingHerzog, Havran, Myszkowski, Seidel65
2007-4-006Attachment IconHistoPyramids in Iso-Surface ExtractionDyken, Ziegler, Theobalt, Seidel16
2007-4-005Attachment IconA higher-order structure tensorSchultz, Weickert, Seidel29
2007-4-004Attachment IconA volumetric approach to interactive shape editingStoll, de Aguiar, Theobalt, Seidel28
2007-4-003Attachment IconA nonlinear viseme model for triphone-based speech synthesisBargmann, Blanz, Seidel28
2007-4-002A Higher-Order Structure TensorSchultz, Weickert, Seidel?
2007-4-002Attachment IconConstruction of smooth maps with mean value coordinatesLanger, Seidel22
2007-4-002?De Aguiar, Theobalt?
2007-4-001Attachment IconClustered stochastic optimization for object recognition and pose estimationGall, Rosenhahn, Seidel23
2006-4-010Attachment IconMean value coordinates for arbitrary spherical polygons and
polyhedra in $\mathbbR^3$
Belyaev, Langer, Seidel19
2006-4-009Attachment IconInteracting and annealing particle filters: mathematics and a recipe for applicationsGall, Potthoff, Rosenhahn, Schnoerr, Seidel44
2006-4-008Attachment IconGesture modeling and animation by imitationAlbrecht, Kipp, Neff, Seidel62
2006-4-007Attachment IconFeature-preserving non-local denoising of static and time-varying
range data
Schall, Belyaev, Seidel22
2006-4-006Attachment IconEnhanced dynamic reflectometry for relightable free-viewpoint videoTheobalt, Ahmed, Lensch, Magnor, Seidel37
2006-4-005Attachment IconSkeleton-driven Laplacian mesh deformationsBelyaev, Seidel, Yoshizawa36
2006-4-004Attachment IconOn fast construction of spatial hierarchies for ray tracingHavran, Herzog, Seidel40
2006-4-003Attachment IconA framework for natural animation of digitized modelsde Aguiar, Zayer, Theobalt, Magnor, Seidel27
2006-4-002Attachment IconGPU point list generation through histogram pyramidsZiegler, Tevs, Theobalt, Seidel13
2006-4-001Attachment IconDesign and evaluation of backward compatible high dynamic range video compressionEfremov, Mantiuk, Myszkowski, Seidel50
2005-4-006Attachment IconAn emperical model for heterogeneous translucent objectsFuchs, Goesele, Chen, Seidel20
2005-4-005Attachment IconPhotometric calibration of high dynamic range cameras
Krawczyk, Goesele, Seidel21
2005-4-004Attachment IconJoint motion and reflectance capture for creating relightable 3D videosTheobalt, Ahmed, De Aguiar, Ziegler, Lensch, Magnor, Seidel18
2005-4-003Attachment IconAnalysis and design of discrete normals and curvaturesLanger, Belyaev, Seidel42
2005-4-002Attachment IconSparse meshing of uncertain and noisy surface scattered data
Schall, Belyaev, Seidel20
2005-4-001Attachment IconReflectance from images: a model-based approach for human facesFuchs, Blanz, Lensch, Seidel33
2004-4-006Attachment IconFaster ray tracing with SIMD shaft cullingDmitriev, Havran, Seidel13
2004-4-005Attachment IconNeural meshes: surface reconstruction with a learning algorithmIvrissimtzis, Jeong, Lee, Lee, Seidel22
2004-4-004Attachment Iconr-adaptive parameterization of surfacesZayer, Rössl, Seidel16
2004-4-0033D scattered data interpolation and approximation with multilevel compactly supported RBFsOhtake, Belyaev, Seidel?
2004-4-002Quadric-based mesh reconstruction from scattered dataOhtake, Belyaev, Seidel?
2004-4-001Attachment IconModeling hair using a wisp hair modelHaber, Schmitt, Koster, Seidel40
2003-4-009Attachment IconFaceSketch: an interface for sketching and coloring cartoon facesZakaria30
2003-4-007Attachment IconNeural meshes: statistical learning methods in surface reconstructionIvrissimtzis, Jeong, Seidel23
2003-4-006Attachment IconVisualization of volume data with quadratic super splinesRoessl, Zeilfelder, Nürnberger, Seidel15
2003-4-005Attachment IconThe dimension of $C^1$ splines of arbitrary degree on a tetrahedral partitionHangelbroek, Nürnberger, Roessl, Seidel, Zeilfelder39
2003-4-004Attachment IconA custom designed density estimation method for light transportBekaert, Slusallek, Cools, Havran, Seidel28
2003-4-003Attachment IconConvex boundary angle based flatteningZayer, Roessl, Seidel16
2003-4-001Attachment Icon3D acquisition of mirroring objectsTarini, Lensch, Goesele, Seidel37
2002-4-002Attachment IconPerceptual evaluation of tone mapping operators with regard to similarity and preferenceDrago, Martens, Myszkowski, Seidel30
2002-4-001Attachment IconTutorial notes ACM SM 02: a framework for the acquisition, processing and interactive display of high quality 3D modelsGoesele, Kautz, Lang, Lensch, Seidel50
2001-4-005Attachment IconA framework for the acquisition, processing and interactive display of high quality 3D modelsLensch, Goesele, Seidel39
2001-4-004Attachment IconLinear one-sided stability of MAT for weakly injective domainChoi, Seidel18
2001-4-003Attachment IconEfficient light transport using precomputed visibilityDaubert, Heidrich, Kautz, Dischler, Seidel32
2001-4-002Attachment IconA framework for the acquisition, processing, transmission, and interactive display of high quality 3D models on the WebLensch, Kautz, Goesele, Seidel20
2001-4-001Attachment IconImage-based reconstruction of spatially varying materialsLensch, Kautz, Goesele, Heidrich, Seidel20
2000-4-003Attachment IconHyperbolic Hausdorff distance for medial axis transformChoi, Seidel30
2000-4-002Attachment IconGeometric modeling based on polygonal meshesKobbelt, Bischoff, Kähler, Schneider, Botsch, Rössl, Vorsatz52
2000-4-001Attachment IconBump map shadows for openGL renderingKautz, Heidrich, Daubert18
1999-4-001Attachment IconA framework for evaluating the quality of lossy image compressionHaber, Seidel20