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Motel user manual

Hustadt, Ullrich and Nonnengart, Andreas and Schmidt, Renate A. and Timm, Jan

MPI-I-92-236. December 1992, 45 pages. | Status: available - back from printing | Next --> Entry | Previous <-- Entry

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MOTEL is a logic-based knowledge representation languages of the KL-ONE family. It contains as a kernel the KRIS language which is a decidable sublanguage of first-order predicate logic.

Whereas KRIS is a single-agent knowledge representation system, i.e. KRIS is only able to represent general world knowledge or the knowledge of one agent about the world, MOTEL is a multi-agent knowledge representation system. The MOTEL language allows modal contexts and modal concept forming operators which
allow to represent and reason about the believes and wishes of multiple agents. Furthermore it is possible to represent defaults and stereotypes.

Beside the basic resoning facilities for consistency checking, classification, and realization, MOTEL provides an abductive inference mechanism. Furthermore it is able to give explanations for its inferences.
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Version 0.8.2

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