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Combining linguistic and statistical analysis to extract relations from web documents

Suchanek, Fabian and Ifrim, Georgiana and Weikum, Gerhard

March 2006, 37 pages.

Status: available - back from printing

Search engines, question answering systems and classification systems alike can greatly profit from formalized world knowledge. Unfortunately, manually compiled collections of world knowledge (such as WordNet or the Suggested Upper Merged Ontology SUMO) often suffer from low coverage, high assembling costs and fast aging. In contrast, the World Wide Web provides an endless source of knowledge, assembled by millions of people, updated constantly and available for free. In this paper, we propose a novel method for learning arbitrary binary relations from natural language Web documents, without human interaction. Our system, LEILA, combines linguistic analysis and machine learning techniques to find robust patterns in the text and to generalize them. For initialization, we only require a set of examples of the target relation and a set of counterexamples (e.g. from WordNet). The architecture consists of 3 stages: Finding patterns in the corpus based on the given examples, assessing the patterns based on probabilistic confidence, and applying the generalized patterns to propose pairs for the target relation. We prove the benefits and practical viability of our approach by extensive experiments, showing that LEILA achieves consistent improvements over existing comparable techniques (e.g. Snowball, TextToOnto).
We would like to thank Eugene Agichtein for his caring support with Snow-

ball. Furthermore, Johanna Völker and Philipp Cimiano deserve our sincere

thanks for their unreserved assistance with their system.

Categories / Keywords:
Ontology Learning, Relation Extraction, Information Extraction, Linguistic Analysis

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