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CLP($\cal PB$): A Meta-Interpreter in CLP($\cal R$)

Barth, Peter

MPI-I-92-233. August 1992, 18 pages. | Status: available - back from printing | Next --> Entry | Previous <-- Entry

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Constraint logic programming is one of the most attractive research areas in logic programming. Due to (J. Jaffar, 1987) the theoretical foundation of a general constraint logic programming language scheme CLP({{$\cal X$}}) is available. Unfortunately, implementing a CLP({{$\cal X$}}) system for some domain {$\cal X$} is a difficult task. The problematic points are providing a {\it constraint solver} and ensuring the {\it incrementality} of the constraint system. We propose here to use an existing CLP system as implementation environment for a new CLP language. We show that under certain conditions we can use the given constraint solver as constraint solver for the new CLP-language. We focus here on prototyping CLP({{$\cal PB$}}), where {$\cal PB$} denotes the structure of pseudo-Boolean functions, in CLP({{$\cal R$}}), where {$\cal R$} denotes the structures of real numbers.
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