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Temporal logic: Proceedings of the ICTL Workshop

Ohlbach, Hans J├╝rgen (ed.)

MPI-I-94-230. June 1994, 116 pages. | Status: available - back from printing | Next --> Entry | Previous <-- Entry

Abstract in LaTeX format:
This report contains the papers presented at the ICTL-94 workshop:
A. Galton:
Instantaneous Events

Y. S. Ramakrishna:
On the Satisfiability Problem for Lamport's Propositional
Temporal Logic of Actions and Some of Its Extensions

\item I. Vernier:
Parameterized Evaluation of CTL-X Formulae

J. Engelfriet and J. Treur:
Final Model Semantics for Normal Default Theories

A. ter Meulen:
Situated Reasoning with Temporal Anaphora

A. Montanari:
A Metric and Layered Temporal Logic for Time Granularity,
Synchrony and Asynchrony

M. A. Orgun:
On Continuous Extensions of Temporal Logic Programming

A. Fantechi:
ACTLab: An Action Based Toolset

J. Gooday and A. Galton:
Nonmonotonic Reasoning about Action and Change

A. Isli:
Mapping an LPTL Formula into a B\"uchi Alternating Automaton
Accepting its Models

F. Song:
Combining Temporal and Hierarchical Constraints for Temporal Reasoning

T. Panayiotopoulos and C. D. Spyropoulos:
TRL: A Formal Language for Temporal References

E. Ciapessoni, E. Corsetti, E. Crivelli and M. Migliorati:
Checking Satisfiability of TRIO$_{\neq}$ Specifications
Paper is no longer available in electronic format. The paper version is out of stock and will not be reprinted.
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