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Basic paramodulation

Bachmair, Leo and Ganzinger, Harald and Lynch, Christopher and Snyder, Wayne

MPI-I-93-236. September 1993, 36 pages. | Status: available - back from printing | Next --> Entry | Previous <-- Entry

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We introduce a class of restrictions for the ordered paramodulation and superposition calculi (inspired by the {\em basic\/} strategy for narrowing), in which paramodulation inferences are forbidden at terms introduced by substitutions from previous inference steps. In addition we introduce restrictions based on term selection rules and redex orderings, which are general criteria for delimiting the terms which are available for inferences. These refinements are compatible with standard ordering restrictions and are complete without paramodulation into variables or using functional reflexivity axioms. We prove refutational completeness in the context of deletion rules, such as simplification by rewriting (demodulation) and subsumption, and of techniques for eliminating redundant inferences.
Revised version in Information and Computation 121(2), pp.~172--192, 1995
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