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The logic of preference and decision supporting systems

Cvetkovic, Dragan

MPI-I-93-260. November 1993, 71 pages. | Status: available - back from printing | Next --> Entry | Previous <-- Entry

Abstract in LaTeX format:
In this thesis we are exploring some models for von Wright's preference
logic. Given (initial) set of axioms and a set of formulae, some of them
valid, some of them problematic (in the sense that it is not always
intuitively clear should they be valid or not), we investigated some
matrix semantics for those formulae including semantics in relevance
logics (first degree entailment and RM3), various many--valued (Kleene's,
{\L}ukasiewicz's, \dots) and/or paraconsistent logics, in Sugihara
matrix, and one interpretation for preference relation using modal
operators L and M. In each case, we also investigated
dependence results between various formulae. Opposite problem (i.e.\
searching for a logic that satisfies given constraints) is also
addressed. At the end, a {\tt LISP} program is presented that implements
von Wright's logic as a decision supporting system, i.e.\ that decides
for a given set of preferences, what alternatives (world--situation)
should we choose, according to von Wright's preference logic system.
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