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Computational Molecular Biology

Vingron, Martin and Lenhof, Hans-Peter and Mutzel, Petra

May 1996, 26 pages.

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Computational Biology is a fairly new subject that arose in response to the computational problems posed by the analysis and the processing of biomolecular sequence and structure data. The field was initiated in the late 60's and early 70's largely by pioneers working in the life sciences. Physicists and mathematicians entered the field in the 70's and 80's, while Computer Science became involved with the new biological problems in the late 1980's. Computational problems have gained further importance in molecular biology through the various genome projects which produce enormous amounts of data. For this bibliography we focus on those areas of computational molecular biology that involve discrete algorithms or discrete optimization. We thus neglect several other areas of computational molecular biology, like most of the literature on the protein folding problem, as well as databases for molecular and genetic data, and genetic mapping algorithms. Due to the availability of review papers and a bibliography this bibliography.

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