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Proving a conjecture of Andreka on temporal logic

Raskin, Jean-Francois and Schobbens, Pierre-Yves

MPI-I-1999-3-004. August 1999, 13 pages. | Status: available - back from printing | Next --> Entry | Previous <-- Entry

Abstract in LaTeX format:
In \cite{Andreka}, a large number of completeness results about variants
of discrete linear-time temporal logic are obtained. One of them is left
as an open problem:
the completeness of the logic of initially and next, for which a
deductive system is proposed. This simple logic is of practical
importance, since the proof of program invariants only require these
We show here that the conjectured {\em medium completeness} of this
system indeed holds;
further, we show that deciding this entailment is PSPACE-complete, while
deciding validity is only coNP-complete.
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