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GPU point list generation through histogram pyramids

Ziegler, Gernot and Tevs, Art and Theobalt, Christian and Seidel, Hans-Peter

June 2006, 13 pages.

Status: available - back from printing

Image Pyramids are frequently used in porting non-local algorithms to graphics hardware. A Histogram pyramid (short: HistoPyramid), a special version of image pyramid, sums up the number of active entries in a 2D image hierarchically. We show how a HistoPyramid can be utilized as an implicit indexing data structure, allowing us to convert a sparse matrix into a coordinate list of active cell entries (a point list) on graphics hardware . The algorithm reduces a highly sparse matrix with N elements to a list of its M active entries in O(N) + M (log N) steps, despite the restricted graphics hardware architecture. Applications are numerous, including feature detection, pixel classification and binning, conversion of 3D volumes to particle clouds and sparse matrix compression.

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