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An implementation of a Convex Hull Algorithm, Version 1.0

Müller, Michael and Ziegler, Joachim

MPI-I-94-105. February 1994, 63 pages. | Status: available - back from printing | Next --> Entry | Previous <-- Entry

Abstract in LaTeX format:
We give an implementation of an incremental construction
algorithm for convex hulls in $\IR^d$ using {\em Literate Programming}
and {\em LEDA} in C++.
We treat convex hulls in arbitrary dimensions without any
non-degeneracy assumption.
The main goal of this paper is to demonstrate the benefits of
the literate programming approach.
We find that the time we spent for the documentation parts
is well invested.
It leads to a much better understanding of the program and to
much better code.
Besides being easier to understand and thus being much easier to modify,
it is first at all much more likely to be correct.
In particular, a literate program takes much less time to debug.
The difference between traditional straight forward programming
and literate programming is somewhat like the difference between
having the idea to a proof of some theorem in mind versus actually
writing it down accurately (and thereby often recognizing that the proof
is not as easy as one thought).
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