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FaceSketch: an interface for sketching and coloring cartoon faces

Zakaria, Nordin

MPI-I-2003-4-009. June 2003, 30 pages. | Status: available - back from printing | Next --> Entry | Previous <-- Entry

Abstract in LaTeX format:
We discuss FaceSketch, an interface for 2D facial human-like cartoon
sketching. The basic paradigm in FaceSketch is to offer a 2D interaction
style and feel while employing 3D techniques to facilitate various
tasks involved in drawing and redrawing faces from different views.
The system works by accepting freeform strokes denoting head, eyes, nose,
and other facial features, constructing an internal 3D model that
conforms to the input silhouettes, and redisplaying the result in
simple sketchy style from any user-specified viewing direction. In a
manner similar to conventional 2D drawing process, the displayed shape may
be changed by oversketching silhouettes, and hatches and strokes may be
added within its boundary. Implementation-wise, we demonstrate the
feasibility of using simple point primitive as a fundamental 3D
modeling primitive in a sketch-based system. We discuss relatively
simple but robust and efficient point-based algorithms for shape
inflation, modification and display in 3D view. We discuss the
feasibility of our ideas using a number of example interactions and
facial sketches.
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