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P#Title and Authors
1The Particle Simulation Toolkit. A toolkit for rapid development of massively parallel particle method simulations
Adalsteinsson, Helgi
2Analysis of the genetic and amino acid sequence diversity of antigenic determinants in the Plasmodium falciparum C-terminal merozoite surface protein-1 encoding a 19-kDa protein
Adoro, Stanley; Nwuba, Roseangela; Anumudu, Chiaka; Omosun, Yusuf; Nwagwu, Mark
3Toucan: A Workbench for Regulatory Sequence Analysis
Aerts, Stein; Staes, Mik; Coessens, Bert; Thijs, Gert; Moreau, Yves; De Moor, Bart
4Computational analysis of metabolic pathways with the program MING
Aguilar, Daniel; Oliva, Baldomero; Aviles, Francesc-Xavier; Querol, Enrique
5Generating Rules to Predict P. gingivalis Protein Functional Class from Sequence
Al-Shahib, A. (1); Gilbert, David (1); Saqi, M. (2)
6Towards a Pattern-Based "Composite Homology Analysis and SEarch" (CHASE) Tool
Alam, Intikhab; Dress, Andreas; Fuellen, Georg
7Protein Structure and Function Prediction of the Machado-Joseph Disease Gene Product Ataxin-3
Albrecht, Mario (1); Schnaible, Volker (2); Hoffmann, Daniel (2); Evert, Bernd O. (3); Schmitt, Ina (3); Wüllner, Ullrich (3); Lengauer, Thomas (1)
8Application of Bioinformatics in Plant Genome and Post-Genome Research
Altschmied, Lothar; Hege, Hans-Christian; Paul, Rolf; Posch, Stefan; Scheel, Dierk
9A classical dynamics study of the unbinding of ATP to the F1-ATPase
Antes, Iris (1); Oster, George (2); Chandler, David (3)
10Biological context and the analysis of gene expression data
Apostolakis, Joannis; Güttler, Daniel; Sohler, Florian; Zimmer, Ralf
11Sequence families of classified enzymes - Correlation with the function
aus dem Spring, Christian; Schomburg, Dietmar
12Biological Significance of Jumping Alignments
Bannert, Constantin; Stoye, Jens
13A new model for an inhibitor of human cathepsin G by bacterial surface display library screening and protein-peptide docking
Betscheider, Dirk; Ray, Somak; Zangen, Dirk; Schultheiss, Eva; Lengauer, Thomas; Jose, Joachim
14Molecular Class-Specific Information System
Bettler, Emmanuel; Folkertsma, Simon; Van Durme, Joost; Joosten, Henk-Jan; Fleuren, Wilco; Vriend, Gert
15"ab initio'' metabolic pathway reconstruction
Boyer, Frédéric (1,2); Morgat, Anne (1); Trilling, Laurent (2); Viari, Alain (1)
16Paracel TranscriptAssembler: Identification of Alternative Splice Forms and polyA Sites from EST and mRNA Data
Boysen, Cecilie; Qian, Jun; Gill, Tristan; Messenger, Richard J.; Mo, Yi; Sievers, Michael; Zhu, Lingyan; Borkowski, Joseph A.
17Compact Gene Index : Clustering public protein coding sequences for microarray specific oligonucleotide design
Brett, David; Weber, Jaqueline; Hoerster, Andrea; Bell, Robert; Drescher,Bernd
18Evolutionary analysis of protein domain families
Bru, Catherine; Kahn, Daniel
19The Center for Bioinformatics (CBI), Saarbrücken
CBI Consortium
20Symbolic model checking of biological systems
Chabrier, Nathalie; Fages, François
21Protein-protein docking of cytochrome c2 to the bacterial reaction centre
Chandran, Vidya; Floeck, Dagmar; Helms, Volkhard
22Metabolic Pathway Alignment and Alternative Pathways Identification
Chen, Ming
23Berlin Center for Genome Based Bioinformatics (BCB)
Cordes, Frank(1); Klipp, Edda(2); Koch, Ina(3); Leser, Ulf (4); Meisel, Christian(5); Preissner, Robert(6); Spang, Rainer(2); Steinke, Thomas (1); Wiehe, Thomas(7)
24A conserved genomic region between vertebrates and insects
Danchin, Etienne G. J.; Abi-Rached, Laurent; Gilles, André; Pontarotti, Pierre
25Seqan: a modular sequence analysis system
De Rijk, Peter; Glassée, Wim; Weckx, Stefan; Del-Favero, Jurgen; Van Broeckhoven, Christine
26Development of Annotation Tools in the W3H-Task System
del Val, Coral; Arunachalam, Vinayagam; Glatting, Karl-Heinz; Suhai, Sándor
27From putative promoter sequence to genomic context : biological data collection on the web using a generic application (Xprom).
Devignes, Marie-Dominique (1); Norsa, Yvan (1); Smaïl, Malika (1); Collet, Philippe (2); Domenjoud, Lionel (2)
28ThoR --- A Domain Discovery and Curation Tool
Dickens, Nicholas J.; Ponting, Chris P.
29Detection of degenerated repeated sequences by means of genomic signature in human chromosomes
Dufraigne, Christine; Fertil, Bernard; Giron, Alain; Deschavanne, Patrick
30Dynamic generation and qualitative analysis of metabolic pathways by a joint database / graph theoretical approach
Ehrentreich, F.; Schomburg, D.
31IMGT/PhyloGene : an online software package for phylogenetic analysis of IG and TR genes
Elemento, Olivier; Lefranc, Marie-Paule
32Implementation of a generic ANOVA model for the analysis of gene expression data
Engelen, Kristof; Coessens, Bert; Van Hummelen, Paul; De Brabanter, Jos; De Moor, Bart; Marchal, Kathleen
33Bioinformatics for the Functional Analysis of Mammalian Genomes (BFAM)
Fellenberg, Matthias (1); Fries, Ruedi (2); Frishman, Dmitrij (3) et al.
34The Lipase Engineering Database
Fischer, Markus; Henke, Erik; Schmid, Rolf D; Pleiss, Jürgen
35Iterative Blast Machine
Fleuren, Wilco; Bettler, Emmanuel; Vriend, Gert
36Entropy-variability analysis of the nuclear receptor ligand binding domain
Folkertsma, Simon; Bettler, Emmanuel; van Durme, Joost; Joosten, Henk-Jan; Oliveira, Laerte; de Vlieg, Jacob; Vriend, Gert
37Analysis of the maximal regulatory region of all human nuclear receptor genes
Frank, Christian; Dunlop, Thomas W.; Matilainen, Merja; Carlberg, Carsten
38Object-oriented Modelling, Integration and Analysis of Gene Controlled Metabolic Networks
Freier, Andreas; Hofestädt, Ralf; Lange, Matthias
39Accurate Base Calling from Multiple Electropherograms
Freschi, Valerio; Bogliolo, Alessandro
40De novo protein design: combination of computational and chemical screening methods
Fritzemeier, Kai; Renner, Steffen; Drepper, Friedel; Haehnel, Wolfgang
41A comparative study of Amino Acids binary codes
Fu, Huaiguo; Bouita, Belkhacem; Mephu Nguifo, Engelbert
42Evolution of the mitochondrial ancestor proteome
Gabaldon, Toni; Huynen, Martijn
43Guided Gene Regulation Data Analysis Within the Helmholtz Network for Bioinformatics
Gailus-Durner, Valérie (1); Gößling, Frank (2); Crass, Torsten (2,*)
44HAMAP: High Quality Automated Annotation of Microbial Proteomes
Gattiker, Alexandre; Coudert, Elisabeth; Michoud, Karine; Rivoire, Catherine; Auchincloss, Andrea; Lima, Tania; Lachaize, Corinne; Pagni(1), Marco; Bairoch, Amos
45Comparative DNA Sequence Analysis for the Detection of Regulatory Elements
Gausmann, Ulrike (1); Jahn, Niels (1); Platzer, Cornelia (2); Szafranski, Karol (1); Platzer, Matthias (1)
46Integration and Distribution of Biological Databases using CORBA
Gnanasekaran, Thoppae; Mewes, Werner
47Development and Evaluation of a Knowledge-Based-Potential for the Scoring of Protein-Protein-Docking Results
Grimm, V.; Schomburg, D.
48Simple and Efficient Secondary Structure Prediction
Guimarães, Katia; Melo, Jeane; Cavalcanti, George
49A new model for Sequencing by Hybridization
Guinand, Frédéric; Mouchard, Laurent; Rabia, Aurélia
50Integration of Multiple Alignment and Phylogeny Reconstruction
Guinand, Frédéric; Parmentier, Gilles; Trystram, Denis
51Prediction of N-Glycosylation sites in Human Proteins
Gupta, Ramneek; Jung, Eva; Brunak, Soren
52Predicting "Good" drug targets based on Metabolic Control Analysis
Gupta, Shobhit
53Discovery of Differentially Expressed Genes using Fuzzy Technology
Guthke, Reinhard; Scherf, Uwe
54Expression Analysis in Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Hahn, Andreas(1); Costello, Christine(2); Lu, Tim(2); Lengauer, Thomas(3); Schreiber, Stefan(2)
55Co-clustering of Biological Networks and Gene Expression Data
Hanisch, Daniel; Zien, Alexander; Zimmer, Ralf
56Non-Gumbel behavior of the statistics of local sequence alignment
Hartmann, Alexander K.
57Automatic construction and simulation of Petri nets for a whole cell
Hartmann, Kai; Schomburg, Dietmar
58Time series microarray data analysis using ISA grouping biologically related functions
Hei Jin, Kim
59The Helmholtz Network for Bioinformatics - A User-friendly Integrated Bioinformatics Web Portal
HNB Consortium
60Gene expression profiles in disease: From gene expression in isolated cells to gene expression in whole tissues and vice versa
Hoffmann, Martin (1); Pohlers, Dirk (2); Kinne, Raimund W.(2); Kroll, Torsten (3); Wölfl, Stefan (3)
61Supervised Classification of Pathological States in Gene and Protein Expression Data
Hoffmann, Martin; Lau, Stephan; von Eggeling, Ferdinand; Junker, Kerstin; Guthke, Reinhard
62Mining the literature for enzyme-disease associations
Hofmann, Oliver; Schomburg, Dietmar
63Prediction of Protein Thermostability
Hoppe, C.; Schomburg, D.
64Linguistic Complexity Profiles of Prokaryotic Genomic Sequences Assist in Detection and Classification of Terminators
Hosid, Sergey; Bolshoy, Alexander
65XX_frag: design of cDNA sequences for micro-arrays application to comparative Genomic Hybridization
Hubans, Christine; Kerckaert, Jean Pierre; Van Hoecke, Marie Pierre
66XX_frag: design of cDNA sequences for microarrays-application to CGH
Hubans, Christine; Kerkaert, Jean Pierre; Van Hoecke, Marie Pierre
67Variance stabilization applied to stochastic modeling of DNA microarray measurements, calibration, and the quantification of differential expression
Huber, Wolfgang (1); von Heydebreck, Anja (2); Sueltmann, Holger(1); Poustka, Annemarie (1); Vingron, Martin (2)
68matriXarray platform: Workflow for Experimental Planning, Data Extraction, Data Interpretation and Data Handling of Microarray Experiments
Hurlebaus, Jochen (1); Renzing, Jochen(1); Fellenberg, Matthias(2); Beichele, Sebastian(2); Anderson, Brooke P.(3); Frey, Bruno(1)
69E.coli Heat Shock Response Control Mechanism in Silicon Analysis
Hu, Bin; Matsuzaiki,Yuri; Tomita, Masaru; Hiroki, Kitano
70Improved gene selection for classification of microarrays
Jaeger, Jochen; Sengupta, Rimli; Ruzzo, Walter L.
71Automated Model Builder (AMB) for nuclear receptors
Joosten, Henk-Jan; Bettler, Emmanuel; Vriend, Gert
72IMGT/3Dstructure-DB for immunoglobulin, T cell receptor and MHC structural data
Kaas, Quentin; Lefranc, Marie-Paule
73SBEprimer: Primer Design for Multiplexed Genotyping
Kaderali, Lars; Deshpande, Alina; White, P. Scott
74Mapping sequence properties to biological classification by machine learning algorithms
Kanapin, Alexander; Soinov, Lev; Krestyaninova, Maria
75Identification of ORFs from Organelle Genomes: A Data Mining approach using C4.5 Machine Learning Algorithm
Kannan, Sivakumar; Boucher, Genevieve; Burger, Gertraud
76Automatic construction of genetic networks using artificial neural networks and natural language processing
Karopka, Thomas; Scheel, Thomas; Bansemer, Sven; Glass, Änne
77Finding and Characterizing Novel Cancer Related Genes in Genomic Sequences Using IBM Life Sciences Framework
Kelkar, Bhooshan P.
78Optimized recognition of errors in protein structures using knowledge based potentials: general findings and application to ProSAII
Kienberger, Ferry; Wiederstein, Markus; Lackner, Peter; Sippl, Manfred J.
79The Effects of the Transcription Factor on Binding Site Information are Constrained by Genetic Autonomy
Kim, Jan T.; Martinetz, Thomas; Polani, Daniel
80Kinetic modeling of metabolic changes in Down Syndrome
Klipp, Edda
81Integration and Visualisation of Experimental Data
Knäble, Hella; Ratsch, Esther; Kania, Renate; Wittig, Ulrike; Rojas, Isabel
82Process Management for the Chip Fabrication
Kokocinski,Felix; Wrobel,Gunnar; Lichter,Peter
83Doublet frequency maps of DNA sequences: A tool for quantitative visualization
of segment homologies
Köhler, Michael (1); Wölfl, Stefan (2)
84The SYSTERS Protein Family Web Server
Krause, Antje; Meinel, Thomas; Stoye, Jens; Schmidt, Heiko A.; Luz, Hannes; Vingron, Martin
85A 2nd Order Polynomial Normalization for Competitive Microarray Experiments
Kroll, Torsten; Wölfl, Stefan
86Analysis of the lipopolysaccharide (LPS)-stimulated innate immune response with TRANSPATH®
Krull, Mathias; Choi, Claudia; Pistor, Susanne; Voss, Nico; Wingender, Edgar
87CodeProbe - coding frame detection tool
Kumanduri, Vasudev; Schweizer, Patrick
88Algebraic Concepts for Data Domains in Life Science
Lange, Matthias(1); Köhler, Jacob(2); Schweizer, Patrick(1)
89Tools for comparative Genome Analysis by low redundant sequencing
Lehmann, Rüdiger; Romualdi, Alessandro; Siddiqui, Roman; Szafranski, Karol; Glöckner, Gernot; Sühnel, Jürgen; Platzer, Matthias
90Gene duplications at the base of chordate ancestry
Leveugle, Magalie; Prat, Karine; Coulier, François; Birnbaum, Daniel
91Methylation analysis by direct sequencing of PCR products
Lewin, Jörn; Schmitt, Armin O.; Genc, Bülent; Hildmann, Thomas; Novic, Karen L.; Beck, Stephan
92A linear theory of optimal regulation relates gene expression to function
Liebermeister, Wolfram; Schuster, Stefan; Heinrich, Reinhard
93Comparative genomics study of inverted repeats in bacteria
Lillo, Fabrizio; Basile, Salvatore; Mantegna,, Rosario
94Research and teaching at the Cologne University Bioinformatics Center (CUBIC)* Molecular Networks in Organisms
Lohmann, Mark; Schomburg, Dietmar
95Gene Ontology Driven Classification of Gene Expression Patterns
Lottaz, Claudio; Bentink, Stefan; Spang, Rainer
96A hidden Markov model for progressive multiple alignment
Löytynoja, Ari; Milinkovitch, Michel
97Interpreting Patterns of Codon Usage in Bacterial Genomes
Mahony, Shaun; Golden, Aaron; McInerney, James
98Structural Infectomics: Identification and Characterization of Potential Virulence Factors in Legionella pneumophila
Mann, Martin; Heyne, Steffen; Pal, Debnath; Baharuddin, Aida; Vogel, Andre'; Hilgenfeld, Rolf
99Trying to reconstruct the history of genes families
Marangoni, Roberto; Pisanti, Nadia; Ferragina, Paolo; Frangioni, Antonio; Luccio, Fabrizio
100A Statistical Learning Approach to Predicting Protein-DNA-Binding Sites
Martinetz, Thomas; Gewehr, Jan E.; Kim, Jan T.
101Development and application of functional surface representations of proteins using GRID: A simple but effective post-filter for geometric rigid body protein-protein docking
Martin, Oliver; Wohlfahrt, Gerd; Schomburg, Dietmar
102A Graph-based Pathway Searching System over a Signal Transduction Database
May, Gerhard H.W.; Gilbert, David
103Analysis of the hierarchical structure of large scale metabolic networks constructed from genome data
Ma, H.-W.; Aeng, A.-P.
104"VIRTUAL2D" - A web accessible predictive database for proteomic analysis
Medjahed, Djamel; Smythers, Gary; Powel,l Douglas; Lemkin, Peter; Munroe, David
105Self-association of isoguanine nucleobases and molecular recognition of alkaline ions: Tetrad versus pentad structures
Meyer, M.; Suehnel, J.
106TSM, the TRANSFAC Saccharomyces Module
Michael, Holger; Christensen, Maik; Goessling, Ellen; Wingender, Edgar
107GeneRule: A Tool for Extraction and Validation of Knowledge for Rule - Based Expert Systems
Monossov, Vladimir; Guthke, Reinhard
108Biclustering microarray data by Gibbs sampling
Moreau, Yves; Qizheng, Sheng; De Moor, Bart
1094DiCeS: A Workbench for the Simulation of Intracellular Signalling
Möller, Mark; Oleson, Björn E.; Prank, Klaus
110Advantages of a global optimization approach for the cluster analysis of gene expression data
Möller, Ulrich; Thies, Frank
111PRODORIC: Prokaryotic Database Of Gene Regulation
Münch, Richard; Hiller, Karsten; Schobert, Max; Wingender, Edgar; Jahn, Dieter
112Genomic Object Net in JAVA: A Platform for Biopathway Modeling and Simulation
Nagasaki, Masao; Doi, Atsushi; Sasaki, Makiko; Savoie, Christopher J.; Matsuno, Hiroshi; Miyano, Satoru
113ElMaR: A Protein Docking System using Flexibility Information
Neumann, Steffen; Zoellner, Frank; Koch, Kerstin; Kummert, Franz; Sagerer, Gerhard
114ASPIC Application-Service-Providing for integrated simulations and visualization in science and engineering on high performance pc-clusters
Niedworok, Sebastian; Nollert, Hans-Peter
115A new method of finding similarity regions in DNA sequences
Noé, Laurent; Kucherov, Gregory
1164DiCeS: Simulating Diffusion of Signalling Molecules within a Cell
Oleson, Björn E.; Möller, Mark; Prank, Klaus
117The nest/egg motif in proteins - a comprehensive structural bioinformatics study
Pal, Debnath; Suehnel, Juergen; Weiss, Manfred S.
118Hidden messages in the nef gene of HIV-1suggest a novel RNA secondary structure
Peleg, Ofer; Trifonov, Edward; Bolshoy, Alexander
119SWISS-PROT Format Developments
Phan, Isabelle; Redaschi, Nicole; Roland, Pascal; Runte, Kai; Jain, Eric; Bairoch, Amos
120A New Database on Alternative Splice Forms
Pospisil, Heike; Herrmann, Alexander; Reich, Jens
121Modeling the Architecture of Signal Transduction Networks: Insulin Receptor Signaling Pathways
Potapov, Anatolij; Wingender, Edgar
122Detection of a Sequence of Manipulated Experiments for Bayesian Learning
Pournara, Iosifina; Wernisch, Lorenz
123PACS: A novel methodology and graphical representation for understanding protein structure from an engineer's perspective
Prasad, B.V.L.S.
124WILMA - a platform for the annotation of protein sequences
Prlic, Andreas; Domingues, Francisco S.; Lackner, Peter; Sippl, Manfred J.
125The Proteome Analysis Database in 2002
Pruess, Manuela; Kanapin, Alexander; Karavidopoulou, Youla; Kersey, Paul; Kriventseva, Evgenia; Mittard, Virginie; Mulder, Nicola; Phan, Isabelle; Apweiler, Rolf
126Hybrid clustering for microarray image analysis combining intensity and shape features
Rahnenfueher, Joerg
127The Jena Centre for Bioinformatics
Rahn, Kerstin; Suehnel, Juergen
128Statistical analysis of consistent repeating patterns in a set of 16S rDNA sequences
Raje,D.V.; Purohit, H.J.; Singh, R.N.
129Unifying Data Mining Tools for Automated Annotation on TrEMBL
Rakow, Astrid; Hackmann, Andre; Kretschmann, Ernst; O'Rourke, John; Apweiler, Rolf
130Improved Prediction of RNA Secondary Structures Including Pseudoknots
Reeder, Jens; Giegerich, Robert
131Using a Biochemical Pathways Database for Deriving Transition-State Drug Analogs
Reitz, Martin; Sacher, Oliver; Gasteiger ,Johann
132The moss transcriptome
Rensing, Stefan; Lang, Daniel; Reski, Ralf
133Inferring Coarse-Grained Models of Regulatory Gene Networks from Dynamic Expression Data
Repsilber, Dirk; Kim, Jan T.
134Reversible scaling of dihedral angle barriers during molecular dynamics to improve structure prediction of cyclic peptides and protein loops
Riemann, Nico; Zacharias, Martin
135Probability occurrence of structured motifs and application to candidates promoters
Robin, Stéphane; Daudin, Jean-Jacques; Richard, Hugues; Sagot, Marie-France; Schbath, Sophie
136Building a Protein Structure Workbench with PyMOL
Rother, Kristian; Froemmel ,C.
137Comparing Whole Genomes with the Artemis Comparison Tool (ACT)
Rutherford, Kim
138Feature Subset Selection for Splice Site Prediction by Estimation of Distribution Algorithms
Saeys, Yvan; Degroeve, Sven; Aeyels, Dirk; Van de Peer, Yves; Rouzé, Pierre
139Bilateral inverse symmetry in whole bacterial chromosomes
Sanchez, Joaquin (1); Jose Marco, V. (2)
140Analysis of topological representations of transcriptional regulatory regions
Sand, Olivier; Vu, Tien Dung; Gilbert, David; Viksna, Juris
141Searching for biologically meaningful groupings in microarray clustering data
Schacherer, Frank; Scheel, Hartmut; Hofmann, Kay
142Data mining for protein interaction domains
Scheel, Hartmut; Hofmann, Kay
143TRANSFAC® Database on Eukaryotic Gene Transcription Regulation: Innovations and Improvements in Content, Structure and Bioinformatic Tools
Scheer, Maurice P.; Matys, Volker; Fricke, Ellen; Land, Sigrid; Thiele, Susanne; Michael, Holger; Gößling, Ellen; Hornischer, Klaus; Reuter, Ingmar; Kel, Alexander E.; Kel-Margoulis, Olga V.; Wingender, Edgar
144GHMM & HMMed: A comprehensive HMM toolkit
Schliep, Alexander
145A Novel Binary Clustering Algorithm to Analyze Gene Expression Time Series
Schmidt-Heck, Wolfgang; Guthke, Reinhard; Reischer, Helga; Dürrschmid, Karin; Bayer, Karl
146A Structural Model for NDH-2: Membrane Interaction and Function
Schmid, Ralf; Gerloff, Dietlind L.
147Hidden Markov Model based clustering of gene expression data
Schoenhuth, Alexander; Schliep, Alexander; Mueller, Tobias; Steinhoff, Christine
148BRENDA - the Enzyme and Metabolic Information System
Schomburg, D.; Schomburg, I.; Chang, A.; Hofmann, O.; Ebeling, C.; Ehrentreich, F.
149Interface targetring inhibitors of HIV-1 Protease
Schramm, H.J.; König, S.; Büttner, J.; Schramm, W.
150Composing a promoter model for antibacterial response of epithelial cells
Shelest, Ekaterina; Kel, Alexander; Gößling, Ellen; Wingender, Edgar
151Noise in gene expression systems with monomer and dimer autoregulation
Shibata, Tatsuo; Mikhailov, Alexander S.
152Multiple Local Sequence Structure Alignment of RNA Sequences
Siebert, Sven
153Efficient Stochastic Simulation of Intracellular Signalling
Singh, Kapil; Prank, Klaus
154Predicting structure and function by comparing local sequence motifs
Sitbon, Einat; Pietrokovski, Shmuel
155Discovery of protein complexes in the network of protein interactions
Spirin, Victor; Zhao, Dacheng; Mirny, Leonid
156BLASTing Proteomes, Yielding Phylogenies
Spitzer, Michael(1); Lorkowski, Stefan(2); Cullen, Paul(3); Fuellen, Georg(1)
157Clustering of differentially expressed genes in the human genome
Steigele, Stephan; Dietzsch, Janko; Khaitovich, Philipp; Huson, Daniel; Pääbo, Svante; Nieselt-Struwe, Kay
158Comparison of Various Normalisation Strategies for Microarray Analysis
Steinhoff, C.; Nuber, U.A.; Vingron, Martin
159Modeling the influence of feedback loops on the G1/S transition
Swat, Maciej; Kel, Alexander; Kel-Margoulis, Olga; Deineko, Oleg; Herzel, Hanspeter
160Structure prediction of protein segments with low target/template sequence identity based on a reduced protein model
Szymoszek, Andrzej; Zacharias, Martin
161AGenDA: A WWW Server for Gene Recognition by Comparative Sequence Analysis
Taher, Leila (1); Rinner, Oliver (2); Garg, Saurabh (1); Scyrba, Alexander (3); Brudno, Mike (4); Batzouglou, Serafim (5); Morgenstern, Burkhard (1)
162Hierarchical Machine Learning and Knowledge Discovery in Characterising Protein Families
Tan, Aik Choon; Gilbert, David
163Evaluation of methods for the searching RNA motifs task

Thebault, Patricia; Allouche, David; Gaspin, Christine
164Predicting protein-protein interactions for the C. elegans interactome project
Thierry-Mieg, Nicolas
165MotifScanner: a novel probabilistic approach to screen DNA sequences for predefined regulatory elements
Thijs, Gert; Aerts, Stein; Moreau, Yves; Marchal, Kathleen; De Moor, Bart
166Exploiting weak sequence similarities for protein functional prediction
Tomiuk, Stefan; Scheel, Hartmut; Hofmann, Kay
167ProToGO - evaluating biological features for a set of proteins using GO annotations
Ulanovsky, Hagit (1); Ron, Shany (1); Kifer, Ilona (2)
168Nuclear receptor information management: application with a nuclear receptor mutation database
van Durme, Joost; Bettler, Emmanuel; Folkertsma, Simon; Vriend, Gert
169Incorporating Sequence and Biochemical Information in Topological Models of Protein Structure Towards the Structural and Functional Genomics
Veeramalai, Mallika (1); Gilbert, David (1); Westhead, David (2)
170Similarity based approach to protein domain architecture prediction
Vlahovicek, Kristian; Kajan, Laszlo; Pongor, Sandor
171Homology modeling and molecular dynamics simulation of the human androgen receptor ligand binding domain
von Langen, Johannes; Diekmann, Stephan; Hillisch, Alexander
172Oligonucleotide Selection for Molecular Taxa Classification via Microarray Technology Using Special Types of Multiple Sequence Alignments
von Rohr, Peter (1); Roth, Alexander (1); Frey, Jürgen (2)
173Alignments of sequences with repeats
Wagner, Holger
174An Approach to Support the Comparison of Microbial Genomic DNA Sequences with Spatial Knowledge of Genomic Structures
Wetjen, Tom
175The Influence of Environment on Horizontal Gene Transfer
Whitehead, Dion; Dress, Andreas
176Molecular dynamics simulations on the free and complexed SHP2-SH2 domain
Wieligmann, Karin; Zacharias, Martin
177Quantitative analysis of the large-scale organization of the protein-protein interaction network in yeast
Wilhelm, Thomas; Nasheuer, Heinz-Peter; Suehnel, Juergen
178TrEMBL protein sequence database: a guide to the proteomic world
Williams, Allyson; Martin, Maria Jesus; O'Donovan, Claire; Barrell, Daniel; Fedotov, Alexander; Apweiler, Rolf
179Protein Structure Prediction In The Face-Centered-Cubic Lattice
Will, Sebastian; Backofen, Rolf
180ZIGIA-DB: A Public Database to Access Arabidopsis thaliana Knockout Plants
Wingen, Luzie U.; Saedler, Heinz; Dekker, Koen
181Choosing transition prior to maximize accuracy in homologue searches using Hidden Markov Models
Wistrand, Markus; Sonnhammer, Erik L.L
182Applying Data Mining Methods to SELDI-TOF Analysed Renal Cell Carcinoma Samples to Identify Relevant Tumor Markers
Woetzel, Dirk; Driesch, Dominik; Pfaff, Michael; von Eggeling, Ferdinand; Junker, Kerstin; Guthke, Reinhard
183SNP Database Integration Project
Wong, Marie; Choo, Keng Wah; Liu, Jianjun
184Towards standardized microarray experiments: complete data management
Wölfl, Stefan; Kube, Steffen
185rChip: Documenting microarray data analysis
Wrobel, Gunnar; Radlwimmer, Bernhard; Lichter, Peter
186Information Management of Zebrafish Full-length cDNA project
Yuyu, Kuang; Oh, Tania; Mathavan, S.; Le Ber, Pierre Louis; Dowts, Heidi; Kolatkar, Prasanna R.
187SigNetRouter - Computer Program for Detecting the Routes between Factors and Targets in Signaling Networks
Zevedei-Oancea, Ionela; Schuster, Stefan
188Prediction of transcription factors that activate promoters with E2F in a synergistic manner
Zhong, Sheng; Wong, Wing Hung
189Quantitative Characterization and Scaling of Human Signal Transduction Networks
Ziagos, Sotirios (1); Hoffmann, Martin (2); Wilhelm, Thomas (3)
190Calculating Residue Flexibility Information from Statistics and Energy based Prediction
Zoellner, Frank; Koch, Kerstin; Neumann, Steffen; Kummert, Franz; Sagerer, Gerhard