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Penny, a parallel implementation of a CCP language

Johan Montelius
Swedish Institute of Computer Science, SICS, Kista, Schweden
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Tuesday, 26 September 95
60 Minutes
43 - DFKI


The Agents Kernel Language (AKL) is a general purpose concurrent constraint language. It combines the programming paradigms of search-oriented languages such as Prolog and process-oriented languages such as GHC. A parallel implementation, Penny, has been developed at SICS. The implementation utilises both and-parallelism and or-parallelism. Since AKL is based on the same concepts as Oz the results from the parallel implementation can be directly applied in a parallel Oz system. The presentation gives a short overview of AKL but will be focused on implementation details i.e. how the execution state is represented, how tasks are scheduled and how memory is handled (gc). For those of you that could not care less how many tags that are used in a list- pointer some colour slides will show some nice speed-up curves :-) The parallel implementation of AKL has been developed as a part of the ACCLAIM Esprit project, EP 7195.


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