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May 2018Calendar IconMay 2018
21 Monday
Thursday 24
13:00-13:30Accepted invitation IconEmanuele Natale: "Pooling or Sampling: Collective Dynamics for Electrical Flow Estimation"
E1 4 - 024
22 Tuesday
13:00-13:30Accepted invitation IconPranjal Dutta: "Discovering the roots: Uniform closure results for algebraic classes under factoring"
E1 4 - 024
14:00-15:00Accepted invitation IconWerner Seiler: "From Singularities of Algebraic Differential Equations to Real Algebraic Geometric"
E1 5 - 630
Friday 25
10:15-11:45Accepted invitation IconKaron MacLean (University of British Columbia) & Christian Holz (Microsoft Research): "Taking Haptic Design from Research to Practice & Rich Haptic Shape Output Controllers for Virtual Reality"
E1 4 - 019
13:30-14:00Accepted invitation IconGene Myers: "Towards Perfect DNA Sequencing and Assembly"
E2 2 - Günter-Hotz-Hörsaal
14:00-14:30Accepted invitation IconNico Pfeifer: "Machine Learning in Infection Research: Including host information to understand viral adaptation"
E2 2 - Günter-Hotz-Hörsaal
14:30-15:00Accepted invitation IconYves Moreau: "Bayesian matrix factorization with side information and application to drug-target activity prediction"
E2 2 - Günter-Hotz-Hörsaal
15:00-15:30Accepted invitation IconKasia Bozek: "Can you see all the bees? Image analysis for biology"
E2 2 - Günter-Hotz-Hörsaal
16:30-17:00Accepted invitation IconRobert Tarjan: "My work with Thomas"
E2 2 - Günter-Hotz-Hörsaal
17:00-17:30Accepted invitation IconJörg Rahnenführer: "Model-based optimization - in high-dimensional survival analysis and in real life"
E2 2 - Günter-Hotz-Hörsaal
17:30-18:00Accepted invitation IconBastian Beggel: "Map-Based processing of geospatial data for driver assistance functions"
E2 2 - Günter-Hotz-Hörsaal
18:00-18:30Accepted invitation IconAnja Feldmann: "Distributed Data Collection and Processing at Scale"
E2 2 - Günter-Hotz-Hörsaal
23 Wednesday
16:15-17:15Accepted invitation IconAndré Nusser: "Reading Group: A faster algorithm for the discrete Fréchet distance under translation"
E1 4 - 022
Saturday 26

Sunday 27