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Campus Event Calendar : 5. Title

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Event, Title, TopicSpeakerDateTimeEvent Type
Algorithms and the BrainEmanuele Natale1.8.12:15Joint Lecture Series
Beyond Metric Embedding: Approximating Group Steiner Trees on Bounded Treewidth GraphsDaniel Vaz5.7.13:00s.t.AG1 Mittagsseminar (own work)
Group MeetingKurt Mehlhorn30.5.11:30AG1 Group Meeting
Practical Program AnalysisMaria Christakis4.7.12:15Joint Lecture Series
Reading Group: A Distributed Algorithm for Minimum-Weight Spanning TreesBen Wiederhake6.6.16:15MPI-Seminar
Reading Group: Dynamic Time Warping and Geometric Edit Distance: Breaking the Quadratic BarrierEunjin Oh30.5.16:15MPI-Seminar
Spanning Tree Congestion and Computation of Generalized Gyori-Lovasz PartitionDavis Issac28.6.11:00AG1 Mittagsseminar (own work)
The Internet: A Complex System at its LimitsAnja Feldmann6.6.12:15Joint Lecture Series