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Towards the reliable identification of accurate protein structures

Silvio Tosatto
AG 1, AG 2, AG 3, AG 4, AG 5  
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Thursday, 1 December 2005
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46.1 - MPII


Energy functions are routinely used to select the most accurate model
from large ensembles in protein structure prediction. This is of interest
both for selecting the most accurate model from the ensemble
(relative quality), as well as judging the overall quality of the proposed
model (absolute quality). While the relative quality of protein models has
been widely recognized and benchmarked, the absolute quality is more
difficult to estimate. On the other hand, the absolute quality is of more
practical relevance as it can be used both to assess the quality of
predicted models and, ideally, the quality of X-ray structures.
Recent advances based on the FRST statistical potential and the torsion
angle potential formng its core are presented. The application to both
relative and absolute quality estimation is discussed and some encouraging
results on the evaluation of X-ray structures presented.


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