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Efficient Represenstations for Interactive Visiblity-Related Queries

Elmar Eisemann
AG4 Group Meeting
AG 4  
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Tuesday, 18 December 2007
45 Minutes
E1 4


A rapidly growing computer graphics community has contributed to dramatic increase in complexity with respect to geometry as well as physical phenomena. Simulating, approximating and visualizing geometry consisting of tens of millions of polygons simultaneously tested for collision or visibility is becoming increasingly common. Further, recent technological innovations from graphics card vendors has fueled impetus towards achieving these phenomena at interactive and real-time rates. Despite tremendeous developments in graphics hardware, capturing the complete surrounding environment poses a significant challenge. Given the added constraint of achieving this at real-time or interactive rates, simplified representations and suitable approximations of physical effects are of key importance.

My research focuses on simplified representations and computations to achieve real-time performance for complex tasks. During my Ph.D. work under the supervision of François Sillion and Xavier Décoret, we concentrated on several topics including simplification, visibility, soft shadows and voxelization.
In my talk I will describe our contributions in each of the above directions.

Some published work in this context:

On Exact Error Bounds for View-Dependent Simplification
Elmar Eisemann, Xavier Décoret
Computer Graphics Forum, Volume 26, Number 2, page 202-213 - 2007

Fast Scene Voxelization and Applications
Elmar Eisemann, Xavier Décoret
ACM SIGGRAPH Symposium on Interactive 3D Graphics and Games, page 71-78 - 2006

Occlusion Textures for Plausible Soft Shadows
Elmar Eisemann, Xavier Décoret
Computer Graphics Forum - 2007

Visibility Sampling on GPU and Applications
Elmar Eisemann, Xavier Décoret
Computer Graphics Forum (Proceedings of Eurographics 2007), Volume 26, Number 3 - 2007


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