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Optimal universal programming of unitary gates

Renato Renner
ETH Zuerich
MPI Colloquium Series Distinguished Speaker
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Thursday, 28 October 2021
60 Minutes
Virtual talk
Virtual talk


The “No-Programming Theorem” asserts that perfect universal quantum processors cannot exist. These are hypothetical devices that execute a unitary gate that is choosable arbitrarily and itself provided as a (quantum) input. This impossibility result depends however strongly on the requirement that the processor makes no errors. In my talk, I will present a recent robust version of the No-Programming Theorem. It basically answers the following question: Given a bound on the maximum tolerated error, what is the minimum size of the program that implements a unitary gate on a universal processor? As I shall explain, the answer to this question has an interesting connection to the Heisenberg limit of quantum metrology.


Kurt Mehlhorn
+49 681 9325 1000

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Kurt Mehlhorn, 10/28/2021 07:00
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