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Building Low-Latency and Energy-Efficient Optical Metro-Access Converged Networks

Jialong Li
Tsinghua University, Beijing

Jialong Li is a PhD candidate in Electronic Engineering at Tsinghua University, where he also received the B. E. degree in 2016. He is currently advised by Prof. Xiaoping Zheng and Prof. Bingkun Zhou. His research interests include optical networks and optical communications.
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Tuesday, 15 December 2020
540 Minutes
Virtual talk
Virtual talk


The optical access network is an important part of telecommunication networks. In this talk, the speaker will present some works on how to build better performance optical access networks from architecture design to intelligent management. At first, a metro-access converged network is introduced where data can be transmitted without extra processing time by leveraging the transparent connections. This architecture achieves low end-to-end latency. Then the speaker will point out that the existing energy-saving algorithms may lead to quality of service degradation and device lifetime deterioration when traffic fluctuation occurs in optical access networks. A wavelength-postponed-switching-off strategy is proposed to provide a balanced performance of energy efficiency and device lifetime. Later, to reduce the completion time of distributed tasks execution, a collaboration strategy by jointly considering the transmission, computation, and storage resources is put forward. Finally, the speaker will show how to manage service placement intelligently in edge-computing-enabled optical access networks by learning users’ behaviors.


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