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Modification at the Syntax-Semantics Interface

Mary Dalrymple
Xerox PARC and Stanford University
Talk - Computerlinguistik
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Monday, 24 September 2001
-- Not specified --
17.3 - Computerlinguistik
Seminar Room CoLi


Mary Dalrymple from Xerox Parc and Stanford University will spend a few
days in Saarbruecken. She has kindly agreed to give a talk about her
present work in the Glue Semantics framework. If you would like to meet
with her individually, please get in contact with me at
#email not disclosed#.
She will be here on Monday and Tuesday.

We present a `glue semantics' analysis of the semantic contribution
and role in meaning construction of intersective, gradable, and
intensional adjectives as noun modifiers. Despite their very
different semantic contribution, these types of adjectives all play
the same straightforward role in semantic composition. We then turn
to a puzzle, originally noted by Kasper (1995), that arises when
modifiers are themselves modified. The solution to this puzzle leads
to a refinement (not a revision) of our theory of the role of
adjectives in meaning construction.


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