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Phenomena-oriented grammars

Karel Oliva, Sabine Lehmann
Computerlinguistisches Kolloquium
AG 2  
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Thursday, 29 January 98
60 Minutes
17.3 - Computerlinguistik


The talk presents an alternative view of formal
(computational) grammars of natural language, a view which
allows for smooth modularization of the
grammar-writing process and hence for meeting
the pressing task of distributed grammar-development:
the framework of phenomena-oriented grammars.

This approach is based on decomposition of the
language description into individual phenomena taken
to be the basic modules of the grammar. Accordingly,
the grammar-writer(s) do(es) not have to think primarily
in terms of rewriting rules, but is/are asked to define
and describe one phenomenon at a time.

The talk discusses the motivations for the elaboration
of such a framework, its fundamentals and illustrates
the approach by means of examples. In the final part of
the talk, we shall highlight some basic problems of
separate phenomena (most importantly, of constituent structure),
as well as problems of their interaction, and discuss both
these aspects with respect to the question of
uniqueness of constituent structure for a given sentence.


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