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2013-RG1-002Attachment IconHierarchic superposition with weak abstractionBaumgartner, Waldmann45
2012-RG1-002Attachment IconAutomatic generation of inductive invariants by SUP(LA)Fietzke, Kruglov, Weidenbach26
2012-RG1-001Attachment IconLabelled superposition for PLTLSuda, Weidenbach42
2011-RG1-002Attachment IconTowards verification of the pastry protocol using TLA+Lu, Merz, Weidenbach51
2010-RG1-001Attachment IconOn the saturation of YAGOSuda, Weidenbach, Wischnewski50
2009-RG1-005Attachment IconSuperposition for fixed domainsHorbach, Weidenbach49
2009-RG1-004Attachment IconDecidability results for saturation-based model buildingHorbach, Weidenbach38
2009-RG1-002Attachment IconContextual rewritingWischnewski, Weidenbach28
2009-RG1-001Attachment IconDeciding the inductive validity of $\forall\exists^*$ queriesHorbach, Weidenbach43
2008-RG1-001Attachment IconLabelled splittingFietzke, Weidenbach45
2007-RG1-002Attachment IconSuperposition for finite domainsHillenbrand, Weidenbach29
2007-RG1-002Attachment IconSuperpositon for Finite DomainsHillenbrand, Weidenbach29