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What and Who
Title:Acquisition of Lifelike Human Models from Multiple Views
Speaker:Jochen Wingbermuehle
coming from:Uni Hannover
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Event Type:AG4 Group Meeting
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Level:AG Audience
Date, Time and Location
Date:Tuesday, 4 February 2003
Duration:45 Minutes
Building:46.1 - MPII
An overview of ongoing and former research projects at TNT (Institut f�r

Theoretische Nachrichtentechnik und Informationsverarbeitung,
Universit�t Hannover) in the field of 3D reconstruction of persons from
multiple views will be given.

The work presented aims particularly at 3D reconstruction of individual
persons from multiple synchronized camera images for telecommunication
applications and future intuitive user inferfaces. Communication
scenarios introduce several challenging requirements, like
non-intrusive, cost efficient capturing as well as real time processing,
efficient transmission and realistic visualisation, i.e. a lifelike
appearance, of the reconstructed models.
Camera based acquisition of shape, texture and motion, using silhouette-
as well as disparity-information (stereo), turned out to be a promising
means to meet these constraints. In particular, when splitting the
processing into offline (e.g. shape and texture acquisition) and online
(e.g. motion tracking) tasks.
However, the visual quality of the obtained models might be improved by
integrating novel computer graphics approaches.

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