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Campus Event Calendar : 5. Title

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Event, Title, TopicSpeakerDateTimeEvent Type
Articulated People Detection and Pose Estimation in Challenging Real World EnvironmentsLeonid Pishchulin31.5.16:00Promotionskolloquium
Black-Box Optimization under UncertaintyDr. Timo Kötzing10.6.14:00c.t.AG1 Mittagsseminar (others' work)
Building Fast and Consistent (Geo-)Replicated Systems: From Principles to PracticeCheng Li30.5.16:00SWS Student Defence Talks - Thesis Defense
Dynamic Scheduling for High-Performance Procedural Generation on the GPUMarkus Steinberger1.6.12:15Joint Lecture Series
NO Noon-Seminar this weekXX20.9.13:00AG1 Mittagsseminar (own work)
Secretary Problems with Non-Uniform Arrival OrderThomas Kesselheim2.6.13:00AG1 Mittagsseminar (own work)
The Graph Isomorphism Problem, Part ILaci Babai5.8.11:00INF Distinguished Lecture Series
The Graph Isomorphism Problem, Part IILaci Babai5.8.11:45Lecture
Truly Continuous Mobile Sensing for Behaviour ModellingCecilia Mascolo27.5.10:30SWS Distinguished Lecture Series
Weighting of information across eye movementsAlexander Schütz14.6.14:00Talk
When Eye Talk to You: Exploiting Eye-gaze in Spoken CommunicationMaria Staudte6.7.12:15Joint Lecture Series