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Campus Event Calendar : 5. Title

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Event, Title, TopicSpeakerDateTimeEvent Type
A Nearly-linear Bound for Chasing Nested Convex BodiesAntonios Antoniadis12.12.16:15MPI-Seminar
Barriers to Near-Optimal EquilibriaAlkmini Sgouritsa5.12.16:15MPI-Seminar
Customizable Route Planning in Road NetworksAndré Nusser21.11.16:15MPI-Seminar
D1 Group MeetingKurt Mehlhorn16.1.11:30AG1 Group Meeting
D1 Group MeetingKurt Mehlhorn19.12.11:30AG1 Group Meeting
D1 Group MeetingKurt Mehlhorn20.2.11:30AG1 Group Meeting
D1 Group MeetingKurt Mehlhorn20.3.11:30AG1 Group Meeting
D1 Group MeetingKurt Mehlhorn21.11.11:30AG1 Group Meeting
D1 Group MeetingKurt Mehlhorn3.4.11:30AG1 Group Meeting
D1 Group MeetingKurt Mehlhorn5.12.11:30AG1 Group Meeting
D1 Group MeetingKurt Mehlhorn6.3.11:30AG1 Group Meeting
Fréchet Distance Under Translation: Conditional Hardness and an Algorithm via Offline Dynamic Grid ReachabilityAndré Nusser11.12.13:00AG1 Mittagsseminar (own work)
Machine TeachingAdish Singla6.2.12:15Joint Lecture Series
More Realistic Scheduling Models and Analyses for Advanced Real-Time Embedded SystemsGeorg von der Brueggen22.11.14:30SWS Colloquium
Optimality and Approximation in Revenue-Maximizing AuctionsYiannis Giannakopoulos22.11.13:00AG1 Advanced Mini-Course
Post-quantum Challenges in Secure ComputationNico Döttling5.12.12:15Joint Lecture Series
Survey Equivalence: An Information-theoretic Measure of Classifier Accuracy When the Ground Truth is SubjectivePaul Resnick27.11.10:30SWS Distinguished Lecture Series
The Reachability Problem for Vector Addition Systems is Not ElementaryWojciech Czerwiński22.11.16:00SWS Colloquium