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Campus Event Calendar : 5. Title

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Event, Title, TopicSpeakerDateTimeEvent Type
Algorithms and Programs -- My Fascination for Computer ScienceKurt Mehlhorn24.4.18:00MPI Colloquium Series Distinguished Speaker
Algorithms and the BrainEmanuele Natale1.8.12:15Joint Lecture Series
Capturing and Learning Digital HumansGerard Pons-Moll2.5.12:15Joint Lecture Series
Fast All-Digital Clock Frequency Adaptation Circuit for Voltage Droop ToleranceMatthias Függer8.5.13:00AG1 Mittagsseminar (own work)
From Perception over Anticipation to ManipulationWenbin Li25.4.16:00Promotionskolloquium
How to Decide Whether a Path is OptimalStefan Funke26.4.13:00AG1 Mittagsseminar (own work)
Measurements, predictions, and the puzzle of machine learning: what data from 10 million hosts can teach us about securityTudor Dumitras20.4.10:30SWS Colloquium
Practical Program AnalysisMaria Christakis4.7.12:15Joint Lecture Series
Reading Group: A Distributed Algorithm for Minimum-Weight Spanning TreesBen Wiederhake6.6.16:15MPI-Seminar
Reading Group: A faster algorithm for the discrete Fréchet distance under translationAndré Nusser23.5.16:15MPI-Seminar
Reading Group: Deciding k-colorability of P5-free graphs in polynomial timeDavis Issac25.4.16:15MPI-Seminar
Reading Group: Dynamic Time Warping and Geometric Edit Distance: Breaking the Quadratic BarrierEunjin Oh30.5.16:15MPI-Seminar
Reading Group: Sparse Kneser graphs are HamiltonianAndreas Schmidt16.5.16:15MPI-Seminar
Subquadratic Approximation Scheme for PartitionKarol Węgrzycki24.4.13:00AG1 Mittagsseminar (own work)
The Internet: A Complex System at its LimitsAnja Feldmann6.6.12:15Joint Lecture Series
#DebateNight :The Role and Influence of Socialbots on Twitter During the 1st U.S. Presidential DebateMarian-Andrei Rizoiu3.5.11:00SWS Colloquium