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Campus Event Calendar : 1. Date and Time - for D2

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TimeSpeakerEvent, Title, TopicBuilding, RoomEvent Type
Hide details for August 2015August 2015
Hide details for 5 - Wednesday - Tomorrow5 - Wednesday - Tomorrow
12:15Piotr DidykPerceptually-driven Inputs for New Output DevicesE1 5 - MPI-SWS
Joint Lecture Series
Hide details for 11 - Tuesday11 - Tuesday
13:00Paul DüttingAlgorithms as Mechanisms: The Price of Anarchy of Relax-and-RoundE1 4 - MPI-INF
AG1 Mittagsseminar (own work)
Hide details for September 2015September 2015
Hide details for 22 - Tuesday22 - Tuesday
13:00s.t.Bjoern AndresExclamation Point IconLifting of Multicuts and the Decomposition of Image and Mesh GraphsE1 4 - MPI-INF
AG1 Mittagsseminar (own work)
Hide details for November 2015November 2015
Hide details for 5 - Thursday5 - Thursday
13:00Claire MathieuExclamation Point IconAnalyzing the forest fire modelE2.1 Center for Bioinformatics
MPI Colloquium Series Distinguished Speaker