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Campus Event Calendar : 1. Date and Time - for MMCI

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TimeTitle, SpeakerBuilding, RoomEvent Type
Hide details for December 2016December 2016
Hide details for 7 - Wednesday7 - Wednesday
12:15"Network Inference: Graph Reconstruction and Verification"
Hang Zhou
E1 5
Joint Lecture Series
Hide details for 20 - Tuesday20 - Tuesday
13:00"Fully dynamic all-pairs shortest paths with worst-case update-time revisited"
Sebastian Krinninger
E1 4 - MPI-INF
AG1 Mittagsseminar (own work)
Hide details for January 2017January 2017
Hide details for 11 - Wednesday11 - Wednesday
12:15"Time for Text Mining and Information Retrieval"
Jannik Strötgen
E1 5
Joint Lecture Series
Hide details for February 2017February 2017
Hide details for 1 - Wednesday1 - Wednesday
12:15"Inverse Rendering"
Shida Beigpour
E1 5
Joint Lecture Series