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What and Who
Title:Beyond high dynamic range
Speaker:Rafal Mantiuk
coming from:Bangor University
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Event Type:Talk
Visibility:D2, D4
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Level:AG Audience
Date, Time and Location
Date:Tuesday, 11 June 2013
Duration:45 Minutes
Building:E1 4
Electronic displays start to match the performance of the human eye in

many aspects, such as resolution or dynamic range. This allows us
generate and display images of unprecedented levels of realism but it
also poses new challenges - how to capture, process, store and display
all the new dimensions of visual information. Addressing these
problems requires a comprehensive approach where we need to integrate
the knowledge from imaging, computer graphics, image processing,
signal encoding and human vision research.

In this talk I will discuss four topics in the general area of
perception-motivated imaging, spanning computational photography, eye
tracking, image quality metrics and experimental protocols. In
particular, I will talk about the method of capturing high dynamic
range images in a single exposure using a cross-screen filter to
encode high intensity values in the spatial domain. Then I will
present a method of improving accuracy of eye tracking using
information from computer graphics rendering. The improved accuracy
let us simulate a gaze-contingent depth-of-field effect. Finally, I
will briefly talk about image quality measurements using both
computational metrics (HDR-VDP) and experimental protocols.

Name(s):Karol Myszkowski
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