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  1. DNA methylation analysis of chromosome 21 gene promoters at single base pair and single allele resolution
    Yingying Zhang, Christian Rohde, Sascha Tierling, Tomasz P. Jurkowski, Christoph Bock, Diana Santacruz, Sergey Ragozin, Richard Reinhardt, Marco Groth, Jörn Walter, and Albert Jeltsch
    PLoS Genetics 5 (3): e1000438:1-e1000438:15, 2009
    [PDF: Download: DNA Methylation Analysis of Chromosome 21 Gene Promoters.pdf]
  2. Genomic distribution and inter-sample variation of non-CpG methylation across human cell types
    Michael J. Ziller, Fabian Müller, Jing Liao, Yingying Zhang, Hongcang Gu, Christoph Bock, Patrick Boyle, Charles B. Epstein, Bradley E. Bernstein, Thomas Lengauer, Andreas Gnirke, and Alexander Meissner
    PLoS Genetics 17 (12): e1002389,1-e1002389,15, 2011