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  1. Genome-scale DNA methylation mapping of clinical samples at single-nucleotide resolution
    Hongcang Gu, Christoph Bock, Tarjei S. Mikkelsen, Natalie Jäger, Zachary D. Smith, Eleni Tomazou, Andreas Gnirke, Eric S. Lander, and Alexander Meissner
    Nature Methods 7 (2): 133-136, 2010
    [PDF: Download: Manuscript - DNA methylation mapping of clinical samples.pdf]
  2. Lung stem cell self-renewal relies on BMI1-dependent control of expression at imprinted loci
    Sima J. Zacharek, Christine M. Fillmore, Allison N. Lau, David W. Gludish, alan Chou, Joshua W. K. Ho, Raffaella Zamponi, Roi Gazit, Christoph Bock, Natalie Jäger, Zachary D. Smith, Tae-min Kim, Arven H. Saunders, Janice Wong, Joo-Hyeon Lee, Rebecca R. Roach, Derrick J. Rossi, Alex Meissner, Alexander A. Gimelbrant, Peter J. Park, and Carla F. Kim
    Cell Stem Cell 9 (3): 272-280, 2011
  3. Preparation of reduced representation bisulfite sequencing libraries for genome-scale DNA methylation profiling
    Hongcang Gu, Zachary D. Smith, Christoph Bock, Patrick Boyle, Andreas Gnirke, and Alexander Meissner
    Nature Protocols 6 (4): 468-481, 2011
  4. Reference Maps of Human ES and iPS Cell Variation Enable High-Throughput Characterization of Pluripotent Cell Lines
    Christoph Bock, Evangelos Kiskinis, Griet Verstappen, Hongcang Gu, Gabriella Boulting, Zachary D. Smith, Michael Ziller, Gist F. Croft, MacKenzie W. Amoroso, Derek H. Oakley, Andreas Gnirke, Kevin Eggan, and Alexander Meissner
    Cell 144 (3): 439-452, 2011