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  1. Advantages of Predicted Phenotypes and Statistical Learning Models in Inferring Virological Response to Antiretroviral Therapy from HIV Genotype
    André Altmann, Tobias Sing, Hans Vermeiren, Bart Winters, Elke Van Craenenbroeck, Koen Van der Borght, Soo-Yon Rhee, Robert W. Shafer, Eugen Schülter, Rolf Kaiser, Yardena Peres, Anders Sönnerborg, W. Jeffrey Fessel, Francesca Incardona, Maurizio Zazzi, Lee Bacheler, Hermann Van Vlijmen, and Thomas Lengauer
    Antiviral Therapy 14 (2): 273-283, 2009
  2. Predicting the Response to Combination Antiretroviral Therapy: Retrospective Validation of geno2pheno-THEO on a Large Clinical Database
    André Altmann, Martin Däumer, Niko Beerenwinkel, Yardena Peres, Eugen Schülter, Joachim Büch, Soo-Yon Rhee, Anders Sönnerborg, W. Jeffrey Fessel, Robert W. Shafer, Maurizio Zazzi, Rolf Kaiser, and Thomas Lengauer
    The Journal of Infectious Diseases 199 (7): 999-1006, 2009