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  1. Deep sequencing reveals mutagenic effects of ribavirin during monotherapy of HCV genotype 1-infected patients
    J. Dietz, Sven-Eric Schelhorn, D. Fitting, U. Mihm, S. Susser, M.-W. Welker, C. Füller, M. Däumer, G. Teuber, H. Wedemeyer, T. Berg, Thomas Lengauer, Stefan Z., E. Herrmann, and C. Sarrazin
    Journal of Virology 87 (11): 6172-6181, 2013
  2. Sensitive detection of viral transcripts in human tumor transcriptomes
    Sven-Eric Schelhorn, M. Fischer, Laura Tolosi, J. Altmüller, P. Nürnberg, H. Pfister, Thomas Lengauer, and F. Berthold
    PLOS Computational Biology 9 (10), 2013
  3. Inferring physical protein contacts from large-scale purification data of protein complexes
    Sven-Eric Schelhorn, Julián Mestre, Elena Zotenko, and Mario Albrecht
    Molecular & Cellular Proteomics 10 (6): M110.004929,1-M110.004929,15, 2011
  4. DASMI: exchanging, annotating and assessing molecular interaction data
    Hagen Blankenburg, Robert D. Finn, Andreas Prlić, Andrew M. Jenkinson, Fidel Ramírez, Dorothea Emig, Sven-Eric Schelhorn, Joachim Büch, Thomas Lengauer, and Mario Albrecht
    Bioinformatics 25 (10): 1321-1328, 2009
  5. Prediction of Domain and Motif Interactions from Protein Networks
    Sven-Eric Schelhorn
    Master's thesis, Universität des Saarlandes, 2007
  6. An integrative approach for predicting interactions of protein regions
    Sven-Eric Schelhorn, Thomas Lengauer, and Mario Albrecht
    Bioinformatics 24 (16): i35-i41, 2008
  7. Computing topological parameters of biological networks
    Yassen Assenov, Fidel Ramírez, Sven-Eric Schelhorn, Thomas Lengauer, and Mario Albrecht
    Bioinformatics 24 (2): 282-284, 2008