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  1. Stochastic Gradient Descent Training of Ensembles of DT-CNN Classifiers for Digit Recognition
    Christian Merkwirth, Maciej Ogorzalek, and Jörg Daniel Wichard
    In: Proceedings of the 16th European Conference on Circuit Theory and Design ECCTD'03, Krakow, Poland, September, 1-4 2003, 2003, 337-341
    [PDF: Download: 457.pdf]
  2. Finite iteration DT-CNN - new design and operation principles
    Christian Merkwirth, J. Bröcker, Maciej Ogorzalek, and J.D. Wichard
    In: Proceedings (ISCAS-04) : 2004 IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems. - Vol. 5, Blind signal processing, computer-aided network design, invited sessions, neural sytems and applications, power systems and power electronic circuits, Vancouver, Canada, 2004, 504-507
  3. Finite iteration DT-CNN with stationary templates
    J.D. Wichard, Maciej Ogorzalek, Christian Merkwirth, and J. Bröcker
    In: Proceedings of the 8th IEEE International Workshop on Cellular Neural Networks and their Applications (CNNA 2004), Budapest, Hungary, 2004, 459-464