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  1. DNA methylation biomarkers in cancer: Progress towards clinical implementation
    Thomas Mikeska, Christoph Bock, Hongdo Do, and Alexander Dobrovic
    Expert Reviews of Molecular Diagnostics 12 (5): 473-487, 2012
  2. MethMarker: User-friendly design and optimization of gene-specific DNA methylation assays
    Peter Schüffler, Thomas Mikeska, Andreas Waha, Thomas Lengauer, and Christoph Bock
    Genome Biology 10 (10): R105:1-R105:10, 2009
    [PDF: Download: MethMarker - user-friendly design and optimization of gene-specific DNA methylation assays.pdf]
  3. Optimization of Quantitative MGMT Promoter Methylation Analysis Using Pyrosequencing and Combined Bisulfite Restriction Analysis
    Thomas Mikeska, Christoph Bock, Osman El-Maarri, Anika Hübner, Denise Ehrentraut, Johannes Schramm, Jörg Felsberg, Philip Kahl, Reinhard Büttner, Torsten Pietsch, and Andreas Waha
    Journal of Molecular Diagnostics 9 (3): 368-381, 2007

  4. BiQ Analyzer: visualization and quality control for DNA methylation data from bisulfite sequencing
    Christoph Bock, Thomas Lengauer, Sabine Reither, Thomas Mikeska, Martina Paulsen, and Jörn Walter
    Bioinformatics 21 (21): 4067-4068, 2005

  5. CpG Island Methylation in Human Lymphocytes Is Highly Correlated with DNA Sequence, Repeats, and Predicted DNA Structure
    Christoph Bock, Martina Paulsen, Sascha Tierling, Thomas Mikeska, Thomas Lengauer, and Jörn Walter
    PLoS Genetics 2 (3): 0243-0252, 2006
    [PDF: Download: Bock et al. (2006) - CpG Island Methylation in Human Lymphocytes.pdf]