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  1. Patients with high grade gliomas harboring delections of chromosomes 9p and 10q benefit from temozolomide treatment
    Silke Wemmert, Ralf Ketter, Jörg Rahnenführer, Niko Beerenwinkel, Martin Strowitzki, Wolfgang Feiden, Christian Hartmann, Thomas Lengauer, Florian Stockhammer, Klaus D. Zang, Eckart Meese, Wolf-Ingo Steudel, Andreas von Deimling, and Steffi Urbschat
    Neoplasia 7 (10): 883-893, 2005

  2. Expression pattern analysis of transcribed HERV sequences is complicated by ex vitvo recombination
    Aline Flockerzi, Jochen Maydt, Oliver Frank, Alessia Ruggieri, Esther Maldener, Wolfgang Seifarth, Patrik Medstrand, Thomas Lengauer, Andreas Meyerhans, Christine Leib-Mosch, Eckart Meese, and Jens Mayer
    Retrovirology 4 (1): 39 p., 2007
    [PDF: Download: Flockerzi.pdf]