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  1. Comparison of Envelope 2 CD81 binding regions in PBMC-derived versus serum-derived hepatitis C virus isolates: higher conservation of CD81 region 2 in PBMC isolates
    M.-W. Welker, Christoph Welsch, D. Ochs, W. P. Hofmann, E. Herrmann, A. Piiper, R. W. Hartmann, S. Zeuzem, C. Sarrazin, and Bernd Kronenberger
    Journal of Viral Hepatitis 18 (3): 181-192, 2011
  2. Amino acid variations in hepatitis C virus p7 and sensitivity to antiviral combination therapy with amantadine in chronic hepatitis C
    Ulrike Mihm, Natalia Grigorian, Christoph Welsch, Eva Herrmann, Bernd Kronenberger, Gerlinde Teuber, Michael von Wagner, Wolf-Peter Hofmann, Mario Albrecht, Thomas Lengauer, Stefan Zeuzem, and Christoph Sarrazin
    Antiviral Therapy 11 (4): 507-519, 2006
  3. Dimerization of the hepatitis C virus nonstructural protein 4B depends on the integrity of an aminoterminal basic leucine zipper
    Martin-Walter Welker, Christoph Welsch, Aline Meyer, Iris Antes, Mario Albrecht, Nicole Forestier, Bernd Kronenberger, Thomas Lengauer, Albrecht Piiper, Stefan Zeuzem, and Christoph Sarrazin
    Protein Science 19 (7): 1327-1336, 2010