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  1. Common genetic variation in ABCA1 is associated with altered lipoprotein levels and a modified risk for coronary artery disease
    Susanne M. Clee, A.H. Zwinderman, J.C. Engert, K.Y. Zwarts, H.O. Molhuizen, Kirsten Roomp, J.W. Jukema, M van Wijland, M van Dam, T.J. Hudson, A Brooks-Wilson, Jacques Jr Genest, J.J.P. Kastelein, and Michael R. Hayden
    Circulation 103 (9): 1198-205, 2001
  2. Age and residual cholesterol efflux affect HDL cholesterol levels and coronary artery disease in ABCA1 heterozygotes
    Susanne M. Clee, J.J.P. Kastelein, M van Dam, Michel Marcil, Kirsten Roomp, K.Y. Zwarts, Jennifer A. Collins, R Roelants, N Tamasawa, T Stulc, T Suda, R Ceska, B Boucher, C Rondeau, C DeSouich, A Brooks-Wilson, H.O. Molhuizen, J Frohlich, Jacques Jr Genest, and Michael R. Hayden
    Journal of Clinical Investigation 106 (10): 1263-70, 2000
  3. Mutations in ABC1 in Tangier disease and familial high-density lipoprotein
    A Brooks-Wilson, Michel Marcil, Susanne M. Clee, Lin-Hua Zhang, Kirsten Roomp, M van Dam, L Yu, C Brewer, Jennifer A. Collins, H.O. Molhuizen, O Loubser, B.F. Ouelette, K Fichter, K.J. Ashbourne-Excoffon, C.W. Sensen, S Scherer, S Mott, M Denis, D Martindale, J Frohlich, K Morgan, B Koop, S Pimstone, J.J.P. Kastelein, and Michael R. Hayden
    Nature Genetics 22 (4): 336-45, 1999
  4. Mutations in the ABC1 gene in familial HDL deficiency with defective cholesterol efflux
    Michel Marcil, A. Brooks-Wilson, Susanne M. Clee, Kirsten Roomp, Lin-Hua Zhang, L. Yu, Jennifer A. Collins, M. van Dam, H. O. Molhuizen, O. Loubser, B. F. Ouelette, C. W. Sensen, K. Fichter, S. Mott, M. Denis, B. Boucher, S. Pimstone, Jacques Genest, J. J. P. Kastelein, and Michael R. Hayden
    The Lancet 354 (9187): 1341-6, 1999