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Albers, SusanneOn the Influence of Lookahead in Competitive Paging Algorithms
In: Algorithmica [18], 283-305
Albers, Susanne
Hagerup, Torben
Improved Parallel Integer Sorting without Concurrent Writing
In: Information and Computation [136], 25-51
Albers, Susanne
Mitzenmacher, Michael
Revisiting the COUNTER algorithms for list update
In: Information Processing Letters [64], 155-160
Arikati, Srinivasa Rao
Maheshwari, Anil
Zaroliagis, Christos
Efficient Computation of implicit representations of sparse graphs
In: Discrete Applied Mathematics [78], 1-16
Arya, Sunil
Smid, Michiel
Efficient construction of a bounded degree spanner with low weight
In: Algorithmica [17], 33-54
Bradford, Phillip Gnassi
Capoyleas, Vasilis
Weak epsilon-Nets for Points on a Hypersphere
In: Discrete & Computational Geometry [18], 83-91
Bradford, Phillip Gnassi
Fleischer, Rudolf
Smid, Michiel
More efficient parallel totally monotone matrix searching
In: Journal of Algorithms [23], 386-400
Brandenburg, Franz J.
Jünger, Michael
Mutzel, Petra
Algorithmen zum automatischen Zeichnen von Graphen
In: Informatik Spektrum [20], 199-207
Breslauer, Dany
Jiang, Tao
Jiang, Zhigen
Rotations of periodic strings and short superstrings
In: Journal of Algorithms [24], 340-353
Chaudhuri, Shiva
Dubhashi, Devdatt
Probabilistic recurrence relations revisited
In: Theoretical Computer Science [181], 45-56
Chaudhuri, Shiva
Radhakrishnan, Jaikumar
The Complexity of Parallel Prefix Problems on Small Domains
In: Information and Computation [138], 1-22
Christof, Thomas
Jünger, Michael
Kececioglu, John
Mutzel, Petra
Reinelt, Gerhard
A Branch-And-Cut Approach to Physical Mapping of Chromosomes by Unique End-Probes
In: Journal of Computational Biology [4], 433-447
Crochemore, Maxime
Galil, Zvi
Gasieniec, Leszek
Park, Kunsoo
Rytter, Wojciech
Constant-time Randomized Parallel String Matching
In: SIAM Journal on Computing [26], 950-960
Das, Gautam
Kapoor, Sanjiv
Smid, Michiel
On the complexity of approximating Euclidean traveling salesman tours and minimum spanning trees
In: 16th Conference on Foundations of Software Technology and Theoretical Computer Science, 447-460
In: Algorithmica [19], 447-460
Deng, Xiaotie
Mahajan, Sanjeev
The Cost of Derandomization: Computability or Competitiveness
In: SIAM Journal on Computing [26], 786-802
Dietzfelbinger, Martin
Hagerup, Torben
Katajainen, Jyrki
Penttonen, Martti
A reliable randomized algorithm for the closest-pair problem
In: Journal of Algorithms [25], 19-51
Edelsbrunner, Herbert
Ramos, Edgar A.
Inclusion-exclusion complexes for pseudo-disk collections
In: Discrete and Computational Geometry [17], 287-306
Follert, Frank
Schömer, Elmar
Sellen, Jürgen
Smid, Michiel
Thiel, Christian
Computing the largest empty anchored cylinder, and related problems
In: International Journal of Computational Geometry and Applications [7], 563-580
Gasieniec, Leszek
Pelc, Andrzej
Broadcasting with a bounded fraction of faulty nodes
In: Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing [42], 11-20
Goodrich, Michael T.
Ramos, Edgar A.
Bounded-independence derandomization of geometric partitioning with applications to parallel fixed-dimensional linear programming
In: Discrete and Computational Geometry [18], 397-420
Gupta, Arvind
Mahajan, Sanjeev
Using amplification to compute majority with small majority gates
In: Computational Complexity [6], 46-63
Gupta, Prosenjit
Janardan, Ravi
Smid, Michiel
Dasgupta, Bhaskar
The rectangle enclosure and point-dominance problems revisited
In: International Journal of Computational Geometry and Applications [7], 437-456
Hagerup, TorbenAllocating Independent Tasks to Parallel Processors: An Experimental Study
In: Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing [47], 185-197
Hagerup, Torben
Kutylowski, Miroslaw
Fast integer merging on the EREW PRAM
In: Algorithmica [17], 55-66
Jünger, Michael
Mutzel, Petra
2-Layer Straightline Crossing Minimization: Performance of Exact and Heuristic Algorithms
In: Journal of Graph Algorithms and Applications [1], 1-25
Jung, Bernd
Lenhof, Hans-Peter
Müller, Peter
Rüb, Christine
Langevin dynamics simulations of macromolecules on parallel computers
In: Macromolecular Theory and Simulation [6], 507-521
Kaufmann, Michael
Meyer, Ulrich
Sibeyn, Jop F.
Matrix Transpose on Meshes: Theory and Practice
In: Computers and Artificial Intelligence [16], 107-140
Kaufmann, Michael
Raman, Rajeev
Sibeyn, Jop F.
Routing on Meshes with Buses
In: Algorithmica [18], 417-444
Kaufmann, Michael
Sibeyn, Jop F.
Randomized Multipacket Routing and Sorting on Meshes
In: Algorithmica [17], 224-244
Mehlhorn, Kurt
Priebe, Volker
On the All-Pairs Shortest-Path Algorithm of Moffat and Takaoka
In: Random Structures Algorithms [10], 205-220
Mehlhorn, Kurt
Sundar, R.
Uhrig, Christian
Maintaining Dynamic Sequences under Equality Tests in Polylogarithmic Time
In: Algorithmica [17], 183-198
Papatriantafilou, Marina
Tsigas, Philippas
Self-Stabilizing Wait-Free Clock Synchronization
In: Parallel Processing Letters [7], 321-328
Ramos, Edgar A.Intersection of unit-balls and diameter of a point set in R³
In: Computational Geometry Theory and Applications [8], 57-65
Rüb, ChristineOn the average running time of odd-even merge sort
In: Journal of Algorithms [22], 329-346
Sibeyn, Jop F.Routing on Triangles, Tori and Honeycombs
In: International Journal on the Foundations of Computer Science [8], 269-287
Sibeyn, Jop F.
Kaufmann, Michael
Randomized Multipacket Routing and Sorting on Meshes
In: Algorithmica [17], 224-244
Sibeyn, Jop F.
Kaufmann, Michael
Chlebus, Bogdan S.
Deterministic Permutation Routing on Meshes
In: Journal of Algorithms [22], 111-141
Zaroliagis, ChristosSimple and Work-Efficient Parallel Algorithms for the Minimum Spanning Tree Problem
In: Parallel Processing Letters [7], 25-37
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