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Afshani, Peyman
Agrawal, Manindra
Doerr, Benjamin
Green Larsen, Kasper
Mehlhorn, Kurt
Winzen, Carola
2012The Query Complexity of Finding a Hidden Permutation
In: Electronic Colloquium on Computational Complexity (ECCC): Report Series [87 (Revision 1)], 1-36
Agrawal, Manindra
Saha, Chandan
Saxena, Nitin
2012Attachment IconQuasi-polynomial Hitting-set for Set-depth-Delta Formulas
In: arXiv [abs/1209.2333], 1-13
Amini, Omid
Manjunath, Madhusudan
2010Riemann-Roch for sublattices of the root lattice $A\_n$
In: Electronic Journal of Combinatorics [17], R124,1-R124,50
Angelopoulos, Spyros
Doerr, Benjamin
Huber, Anna
Panagiotou, Konstantinos
2009Tight bounds for quasirandom rumor spreading
In: The Electronic Journal of Combinatorics [16], R102,1-R102,19
Bast, Holger2006Intelligente Suche mit garantiert schnellen Antwortzeiten
In: MPG Jahrbuch [?],
Berberich, Eric
Emeliyanenko, Pavel
Kobel, Alexander
Sagraloff, Michael
2012Exact Symbolic-Numeric Computation of Planar Algebraic Curves
In: arXiv [abs/1201.1548v1], 1-46
Berberich, Eric
Emeliyanenko, Pavel
Kobel, Alexander
Sagraloff, Michael
2011Arrangement Computation for Planar Algebraic Curves
In: arXiv [abs/1103.4697],
Berberich, Eric
Emeliyanenko, Pavel
Sagraloff, Michael
2010An Elimination Method for Solving Bivariate Polynomial Systems: Eliminating the Usual Drawbacks
In: CoRR [abs/1010.1386], 1-16
Berberich, Eric
Halperin, Dan
Kerber, Michael
Pogalnikova, Roza
2011Deconstructing Approximate Offsets
In: arXiv [abs/1109.2158],
Boros, Endre
Elbassioni, Khaled M.
Khachiyan, Leonid
Gurvich, Vladimir
2002Attachment IconGenerating Dual-Bounded Hypergraphs
In: Optimization Methods and Software [17], 33
Cameron, Peter
Johannsen, Daniel
Prellberg, Thomas
Schweitzer, Pascal
2008Attachment IconCounting Defective Parking Functions
In: Electronic Journal of Combinatorics [15], R92
Case, John
Kötzing, Timo
2013Memory-limited non-U-shaped learning with solved open problems
In: Theoretical Computer Science [473], 100-123
Doerr, Benjamin
Doerr, Carola
Spöhel, Reto
Thomas, Henning
2013Playing Mastermind with Many Colors
In: arXiv [abs/1207.0773], 1-22
Doerr, Benjamin
Fouz, Mahmoud
2011Asymptotically optimal randomized rumor spreading
In: Electronic Notes in Discrete Mathematics [38], 297-302
Doerr, Benjamin
Gnewuch, Michael
Hebbinghaus, Nils
2006Attachment IconDiscrepancy of Symmetric Products of Hypergraphs
In: The Electronic Journal of Combinatorics [13], 1-12
Doerr, Benjamin
Klein, Christian
2006Controlled Randomized Rounding
In: Electronic Notes in Discrete Mathematics [25], 39-40
Doerr, Benjamin
Moran, Shay
Moran, Shlomo
Winzen, Carola
2012Simple and Optimal Fault-Tolerant Rumor Spreading
In: arXiv [abs/1209.6158], 1-18
Doerr, Benjamin
Winzen, Carola
2012Playing Mastermind with Constant-Size Memory
In: Theory of Computing Systems [Online First], 1-27
Doerr, Benjamin
Winzen, Carola
2011Memory-Restricted Black-Box Complexity
In: Electronic Colloquium on Computational Complexity [18], 7
Donato, Debora
Laura, Luigi
Leonardi, Stefano
Millozzi, Stefano
Meyer, Ulrich
Sibeyn, Jop F.
2006Attachment IconAlgorithms and Experiments for the Webgraph
In: Journal of Graph Algorithms and Applications [10], 219-236
Duan, Ran
Mehlhorn, Kurt
2012A Combinatorial Polynomial Algorithm for the Linear Arrow-Debreu Market
In: arXiv [abs/1212.0979v1], 1-8
Dumitriu, Daniel
Funke, Stefan
Kutz, Martin
Milosavljevic, Nikola
2009How Much Geometry It Takes to Reconstruct a 2-Manifold in R 3
In: ACM Journal of Experimental Algorithms [14], 2.2:1-2.2:17
Elbassioni, Khaled M.
Krohn, Erik
Matijevic, Domagoj
Mestre, Julián
Severdija, Domagoj
2009Improved Approximations for Guarding 1.5-Dimensional Terrains
In: Algorithmica [Online First], 1-13
Elmasry, Amr
Mehlhorn, Kurt
Schmidt, Jens M.
2010An $O(m+n)$ Certifying Triconnectivity Algorithm for Hamiltonian Graphs
In: Algorithmica [Online First], 1-13
Emeliyanenko, Pavel2012Attachment IconComputing resultants on Graphics Processing Units: Towards GPU-accelerated computer algebra
In: Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing [In press], 1-14
Fountoulakis, Nikolaos
Kang, Ross
McDiarmid, Colin
2010The t-stability number of a random graph
In: The Electronic Journal of Combinatorics [17], R59,1-R59,29
Friedrich, Tobias
Kroeger, Trent
Neumann, Frank
2012Weighted preferences in evolutionary multi-objective optimization
In: International Journal of Machine Learning and Cybernetics [Online First], 1-10
Friedrich, Tobias
Sauerwald, Thomas
2010The Cover Time of Deterministic Random Walks
In: The Electronic Journal of Combinatorics [17], R167,1-R167,30
Friedrich, Tobias
Sauerwald, Thomas
Vilenchik, Dan
2010Smoothed Analysis of Balancing Networks
In: Random Structures and Algorithms [Early View], 1-24
Gidenstam, Anders
Papatriantafilou, Marina
Tsigas, Phillipas
2009NBmalloc : Allocating Memory in a Lock-Free Manner
In: Algorithmica [Online First], 1-35
Kavitha, Telikepalli
Mestre, Julian
2010Max-coloring paths: Tight bounds and extensions
In: Journal of Combinatorial Optimization [Online First], 1 - 14
Kobel, Alexander
Sagraloff, Michael
2013Fast Approximate Polynomial Multipoint Evaluation and Applications
In: arXiv [abs/1304.8069], 17
Kollias, Konstantinos2013Nonpreemptive Coordination Mechanisms for Identical Machines
In: Theory of Computing Systems [53], 424-440
Larsson, Andreas
Gidenstam, Anders
Ha, Phuong H.
Papatriantafilou, Marina
Tsigas, Philippas
2009Multiword Atomic Read/Write Registers on Multiprocessor Systems
In: Journal of experimental algorithmics [13], 7:1-7:30
McConnella, Ross M.
Mehlhorn, Kurt
Näher, Stefan
Schweitzer, Pascal
2010Certifying algorithms
In: Computer Science Review [Article in Press], 1-43
Mehlhorn, Kurt
Michail, Dimitrios
2007Attachment IconImplementing Minimum Cycle Basis Algorithms
In: Journal of Experimental Algorithmics [11], 1-14
Mehlhorn, Kurt
Michail, Dimitrios
2006Attachment IconImplementing Minimum Cycle Basis Algorithms
In: ACM Journal of Experimental Algorithmics [11], 1-14
Mehlhorn, Kurt
Sagraloff, Michael
Wang, Pengming
2013From Approximate Factorization to Root Isolation with Application to Cylindrical Algebraic Decomposition
In: arXiv [abs/1301.4870],
Mehlhorn, Kurt
Schäfer, Guido
2002Attachment IconImplementation of $O(nm \log n)$ Weighted Matchings in General Graphs: The Power of Data Structures
In: Proceedings of the n?th Conference on,
In: Journal of Experimental Algorithmics [7],
Mehlhorn, K.
Michail, D.
2009Attachment IconMinimum Cycle Bases: Faster and Simpler
In: ACM Transactions on Algorithms [6], 8:1-8:13
Mütze, Torsten
Spöhel, Reto
2011On the path-avoidance vertex-coloring game
In: The Electronic Journal of Combinatorics [18], 1-33
Rizkallah, Christine2011Maximum Cardinality Matching
In: Archive of Formal Proofs,
Sagraloff, Michael2011When Newton meets Descartes: A Simple and Fast Algorithm to Isolate the Real Roots of a Polynomial
In: arXiv [abs/1109.6279v1], 1-21
Sagraloff, Michael2010On the Complexity of Real Root Isolation
In: CoRR [abs/1011.0344], 1-33
Saha, Chandan
Saptharishi, Ramprasad
Saxena, Nitin
2013Attachment IconA Case of Depth-3 Identity Testing, Sparse Factorization and Duality
In: Computational Complexity [22], 39-69
Sanders, Peter2000Fast Priority Queues for Cached Memory
In: Journal of Experimental Algorithmics [5], 1-25
Schwarz, Karsten
Karrenbauer, Andreas
Schehr, Gregory
Rieger, H.
2009Domain walls and chaos in the disordered SOS model
In: Journal of statistical mechanics : theory and experiment [P08022], 1-23
Sharma, Vikram2008Complexity of real root isolation using continued fractions
In: Theoretical Computer Science [409], 292-310
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