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Afshani, Peyman
Agrawal, Manindra
Doerr, Benjamin
Doerr, Carola
Larsen, Kasper Green
Mehlhorn, Kurt
2013The Query Complexity of Finding a Hidden Permutation
In: Space-Efficient Data Structures, Streams, and Algorithms, 1-11
Ajwani, Deepak
Meyer, Ulrich
Osipov, Vitaly
2009Breadth first search on massive graphs
In: The shortest path problem : ninth DIMACS implemenation challenge, 291-307
Albers, Susanne
Westbrook, Jeffery
1998Self-organizing data structures
In: Online Algorithms: The State of the Art, 13-51
Bader, David
Moret, Bernard
Sanders, Peter
2002Algorithm Engineering for Parallel Computation
In: Experimental Algorithmics, 1-23
Bast, Hannah2009Car or Public Transport -- Two Worlds
In: Efficient Algorithms : Essays Dedicated to Kurt Mehlhorn on the Occasion of His 60th Birthday, 355-367
Bast, Holger
Funke, Stefan
Matijevic, Domagoj
2009Ultrafast shortest-path queries via transit nodes
In: The shortest path problem : ninth DIMACS implemenation challenge, 175-192
Baswana, Surender
Sen, Sandeep
2004Randomized graph data-structures for approximate shortest path problem
In: Handbook of Data Structures and Applications, 38.1-38.19
Berberich, Eric
Hagen, Matthias
Hiller, Benjamin
Moser, Hannes
In: Algorithm Engineering : Bridging the Gap between Algorithm Theory and Practice, 325-388
Brönnimann, Hervé
Kettner, Lutz
Schirra, Stefan
Veltkamp, Remco
2000Applications of the Generic Programming Paradigm in the Design of CGAL
In: Generic programming - International Seminar on Generic Programming Dagstuhl Castle, Germany, April 27 - May 1, 1998, selected papers, 206-216
Christodoulou, George2008Price of Anarchy
In: Encyclopedia of Algorithms, 1-99
Doerr, Benjamin2009Introducing Quasirandomness to Computer Science
In: Efficient Algorithms : Essays Dedicated to Kurt Mehlhorn on the Occasion of His 60th Birthday, 99-111
In: Lecture Notes in Computer Science [5760], 99-111
Doerr, Carola
Gnewuch, Michael
Wahlström, Magnus
2013Calculation of Discrepancy Measures and Applications
In: A Panorama of Discrepancy Theory, 1-55
Eades, Peter
Mutzel, Petra
1998Graph Drawing Algorithms
In: Algorithms and Theory of Computation Handbook, 9-26
Eiglsperger, Markus
Fekete, Sandor P.
Klau, Gunnar W.
2001Orthogonal Graph Drawing
In: Drawing Graphs: Methods and Models, 121-171
Elbassioni, Khaled
Elmasry, Amr
Kamel, Ibrahim
2008Indexing Schemes for Multi-dimensional Moving Objects
In: Encyclopedia of GIS, 523-529
Fleischer, Rudolf
Fries, Otfried
Mehlhorn, Kurt
Meiser, Stefan
Näher, Stefan
Rohnert, Hans
Schirra, Stefan
Simon, Klaus
Tsakalidis, Athanasios
Uhrig, Christian
1992Selected Topics from Computational Geometry, Data Structures and Motion Planning
In: Data Structures and Efficient Algorithms, Final Report on the DFG Special Joint Initiative, 25-43
Fogel, Efi
Halperin, Dan
Kettner, Lutz
Teillaud, Monique
Wein, Ron
Wolpert, Nicola
2007Attachment IconArrangements
In: Effective Computational Geometry for Curves and Surfaces, 1-66
Giesen, Joachim2007The Combinatorial Structure of Polyhedral Choice Based Conjoint Analysis
In: Conjoint Measurement: Methods and Applications, 259-271
Hundack, Christoph
Prömel, Hans Jürgen
Steger, Angelika
1997Extremal Graph Problems for Graphs with a Color-Critical Vertex
In: Combinatorics, Geometry and Probability, 421-433
Jansen, Klaus
Solis-Oba, Roberto
Sviridenko, Maxim
2000Linear time approximation schemes for shop scheduling problems
In: Approximation and complexity in numerical optimization, 338-346
Kärkkäinen, Juha
Rao, S. Srinivasa
2003Full-Text Indexes in External Memory
In: Algorithms for Memory Hierarchies, 149-170
Katriel, Irit
Meyer, Ulrich
2003Elementary Graph Algorithms in External Memory
In: Algorithms for Memory Hierarchies, 62-84
Kaufmann, Morgan
Mehlhorn, Kurt
1990Routing problems in grid graphs
In: Paths, Flows, and VLSI-Layout, 165–184
Kettner, Lutz
Näher, Stefan
2004Two Computational Geometry Libraries: LEDA and CGAL
In: Handbook of Discrete and Computational Geometry, 1435-1463
Klau, Gunnar W.
Mutzel, Petra
2003Automatic Layout and Labelling of State Diagrams
In: Mathematics: Key Technology for the Future : Joint Projects Between Universities and Industry, 584-608
Klein, Rolf
Mehlhorn, Kurt
Meiser, Stefan
1992Randomized incremental construction of abstract Voronoi diagrams
In: Informatik---Festschrift zum 60.~Geburtstag von Günter Hotz, 283-308
Krumke, Sven
van Stee, Rob
Westphal, Stefan
2009Attachment IconOnline job admissions
In: Fundamental Problems in Computing : Essays in Honor of Professor Daniel J. Rosenkrantz, 435-454
Lengauer, Thomas
Mehlhorn, Kurt
1986Attachment IconVLSI complexity, efficient VLSI algorithms and the HILL design system
In: Algorithmics for VLSI, 33-89
Lenhof, Hans-Peter1997Parallel Protein Puzzle: A New Suite of Protein Docking Tools
In: Forschung und wissenschaftliches Rechnen: Beiträge zum Heinz-Billing-Preis 1996, 31-48
Lenhof, Hans-Peter1995An Algorithm for the Protein Docking Problem
In: Bioinformatics: From Nucleic Acids and Proteins to Cell Metabolism, 125-139
McGeoch, Catherine
Sanders, Peter
Fleischer, Rudolf
Cohen, Paul R.
Precup, Doina
2002Using Finite Experiments to Study Asymptotic Performance
In: Experimental Algorithmics, 93-126
Megow, Nicole2010Keller oder Dach zuerst
In: Besser als Mathe, 111-116
Mehlhorn, Kurt2003Attachment IconThe reliable algorithmic software challenge RASC : dedicated to Thomas Ottmann on the occassion of his 60th birthday
In: Computer Science in Perspective : essays dedicated to Thomas Ottmann, 255-263
Mehlhorn, Kurt2001Attachment IconFrom Algorithm to Program to Software Library
In: Informatics : 10 years back, 10 years ahead, 268-273
Mehlhorn, Kurt1998Attachment IconAmortisierte Analyse
In: Prinzipien des Algorithmenentwurfs, 91-102
Mehlhorn, Kurt
Schirra, Stefan
2001Attachment IconExact computation with leda_real - Theory and geometric applications
In: Symbolic Algebraic Methods and Verification Methods, 163-172
Mehlhorn, Kurt
Tsakalidis, A.
1990Data Structures
In: Handbook of Theoretical Computer Science, 301-341
Mehlhorn, Kurt
Waldmann, Uwe
Wilhelm, Reinhard
2005Harald Ganzinger : 31.10.1950 - 3.6.2004
In: MPG-Jahrbuch, 107-108
In: Jahrbuch / Max-Planck-Gesellschaft [?], 107-108
Mörig, Marc
Scholz, Sven
Tscheuschner, Tobias
Berberich, Eric
2010Implementation aspects
In: Algorithm Engineering : Bridging the Gap between Algorithm Theory and Practice, 237-289
Mourrain, Bernard
Pion, Sylvain
Schmitt, Susanne
Técourt, Jean-Pierre
Tsigaridas, Elias
Wolpert, Nicola
2007Algebraic Issues in Computational Geometry
In: Effective Computational Geometry for Curves and Surfaces, 117-155
Mutzel, Petra
Eades, Peter
1999Graph Drawing Algorithms
In: Algorithms & Theory of Computation Handbook, 9-1-9-26
Neumann, Frank
Sudholt, Dirk
Witt, Carsten
2009Computational Complexity of Ant Colony Optimization and Its Hybridization with Local Search
In: Innovations in Swarm Intelligence, 91-120
Sanders, Peter2003Memory hierarchies - models and lower bounds
In: Algorithms for memory hierarchies, 1-10
Sanders, Peter2002Presenting Data from Experiments in Algorithmics
In: Experimental Algorithmics, 181-196
Sanders, Peter1999Berechnungen mit großen Datenmengen
In: Jahrbuch der Max-Planck-Gesellschaft 1999, 534-540
Schirra, Stefan2000Robustness and Precision Issues in Geometric Computation
In: Handbook of Computational Geometry, 597-632
Schirra, Stefan1997Precision and Robustness in Geometric Computations
In: Algorithmic Foundations of Geographic Information Systems, 255-287
van Stee, Rob2008Attachment IconPacket Switching in Single Buffer
In: Encyclopedia of Algorithms, 1-99
van Stee, Rob2008Attachment IconPaging
In: Encyclopedia of Algorithms, 1-99
Vingron, Martin
Lenhof, Hans-Peter
Mutzel, Petra
1997Computational Molecular Biology
In: Annotated Bibliographies in Combinatorial Optimization, 445-471
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