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Alkassar, Eyad
Böhme, Sascha
Mehlhorn, Kurt
Rizkallah, Christine
2013A Framework for the Verification of Certifying Computations
Boros, Endre
Elbassioni, Khaled
Gurvich, Vladimir
Makino, Kazuhisa
2012Every Stochastic Game with Perfect Information Admits a Canonical Form
In: 2nd International ICST Conference on Game Theory for Networks (GameNets 2011),
Boros, Endre
Elbassioni, Khaled
Gurvich, Vladimir
Makino, Kazuhisa
2011A lower bound for discounting algorithms solving two-person zero-sum limit average payoff stochastic games
Boros, Endre
Elbassioni, Khaled
Gurvich, Vladimir
Makino, Kazuhisa
2010On Nash Equilibria and Improvement Cycles in Pure Positional Strategies for Chess-like and Backgammon-like $n$-person Games
Boros, Endre
Elbassioni, Khaled M.
Gurvich, Vladimir
Makino, Kazuhisa
2007Generating Vertices of Polyhedra and Related Monotone Generation Problems
Bringmann, Karl
Mehlhorn, Kurt
Neumann, Adrian
2012Attachment IconRemarks on Category-Based Routing in Social Networks
Canzar, Stefan
Elbassioni, Khaled
Klau, Gunnar W.
Mestre, Julian
2011On Tree-Constrained Matchings and Generalizations
Celikik, Marjan
Bast, Holger
Manolache, Gabriel
2011Attachment IconEfficient Index-Based Snippet Generation
Crauser, Andreas
Meyer, Ulrich
Brengel, Klaus
2001An experimental study of priority queues in external memory
In: Journal of Experimental Algorithmics [5], 24
Czyzowicz, Jurek
Kowalski, Dariusz
Markou, Euripides
Pelc, Andrzej
2006Complexity of searching for a black hole
De Sterck, Hans2012Steepest Descent Preconditioning for Nonlinear GMRES Optimization
De Sterck, Hans
Henson, Van Emden
Sanders, Geoff
2011Multilevel Aggregation Methods for Small-World Graphs with Application to Random-Walk Ranking
Dessmark, Anders
Fraigniaud, Pierre
Kowalski, Dariusz
Pelc, Andrzej
2006Deterministic rendezvous in graphs
Elbassioni, Khaled
Chalermsook, Parinya
Nanongkai, Danupon
Sun, He
2013Multi-Attribute Profit-Maximizing Pricing
Elbassioni, Khaled
Rauf, Imran
2010Polynomial-time Dualization of $r$-Exact Hypergraphs with Applications in Geometry
Elbassioni, Khaled
Rauf, Imran
Ray, Saurabh
??On Enumerating Minimal Transversals of Geometric Hypergraphs
Elbassioni, Khaled M.
Mustafa, Nabil H.
2005Attachment IconConflict-Free Colorings of Rectangle Ranges for Wireless Networks
Elbassioni, Khaled M.
Sitters, Rene
Zhang, Yan
2007Attachment IconA Quasi-PTAS for Envy-free Pricing on Line Graphs
Fountoulakis, Nikolaos
Friedrich, Tobias
Hermelin, Danny
2011Average Case Parameterized Complexity
Gao, Pu (Jane)2011Distribution of spanning regular subgraphs in random graphs
Gao, Pu (Jane)
Wormald, Nicholas
Su, Yi
2010Attachment IconInduced subgraphs in sparse random graphs with given degree sequence
Garg, Naveen
Kavitha, T.
Kumar, Amit
Mehlhorn, Kurt
Mestre, Julián
2008Attachment IconAssigning Papers to Referees
Jurkiewicz, Tomasz
Danilewski, Piotr
2011Efficient Quicksort and 2D Convex Hull for CUDA, and MSIMD as a Realistic Model of Massively Parallel Computations.
Konidaris, G.
Mehlhorn, Kurt
Shell, D.A.
2004Attachment IconAn optimal algorithm for finding edge segment adjacencies in configurations of convex polygons
Mehlhorn, Kurt2001Attachment IconA Remark on the Sign Variation Method for Real Root Isolation
Mehlhorn, Kurt
Eigenwillig, Arno
Kaligosi, Kanela
Kratsch, Dieter
McConnell, Ross
Meyer, Ulrich
Spinrad, Jeremy P.
2005Certifying Algorithms (draft)
Mehlhorn, Kurt
Michail, Dimitrios
2005Attachment IconNetwork Problems with Non-Polynomial Weights and Applications
Mehlhorn, Kurt
Neumann, Adrian
Schmidt, Jens M.
2012Attachment IconCertifying 3-Edge-Connectivity
Pettie, Seth
Sanders, Peter
2005Computing Approximate Matchings in External Memory, Streaming, Parallel, and Distributed Network Models
P. Gao2012Distribution of the number of spanning regular subgraphs in random graphs
P. Gao2012Distributions of sparse spanning subgraphs in random graphs
P. Gao2012Uniform generation of d-factors in dense host graphs
Rizkallah, Christine2011Attachment IconGlivenko and Kuroda for Simple Type Theory
Schmidt, Jens M.2013Contractions, Removals and How to Certify 3-Connectivity in Linear Time
Winzen, Carola2011Direction-Reversing Quasi-Random Rumor Spreading with Restarts
Yap, Chee
Sagraloff, Michael
Sharma, Vikram
2013Analytic Root Clustering: A Complete Algorithm using Soft Zero Tests
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