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  1. How to Compute the Voronoi Diagram of Line Segments: Theoretical and Experimental Results
    Christoph Burnikel, Kurt Mehlhorn, and Stefan Schirra
    In: Algorithms (ESA-94) : 2nd annual European symposium, Utrecht, The Netherlands, September 26-28, 1994, 1994, 227-239

  2. Incremental Computation and Dynamic Algorithms 02.05.-06.05.94
    Jan van Leeuwen, Kurt Mehlhorn, and Thomas Reps(Ed.)
    IBFI, Dagstuhl, 88
    [PS: Download:]
  3. Algorithm Design and Software Libraries: Recent Developments in the LEDA Project
    Kurt Mehlhorn and Stefan Näher
    In: Proceedings of the IFIP 12th World Computer Congress. Volume 1: Algorithms, Software, Architecture, Madrid, Spain,, 1992, 493-508
    [PDF: Download: Mehlhorn102.pdf]
  4. A Time-Randomness Tradeoff for Communication Complexity
    Rudolf Fleischer, Hermann Jung, and Kurt Mehlhorn
    In: Distributed Algorithms, 4th International Workshop, Bari, Italy, 1991, 390-401
  5. Pebbling Mountain Ranges and its Application of DCFL-Recognition
    Kurt Mehlhorn
    In: Automata, languages and programming (ICALP-80) : 7th annual international colloquium, Noordwijkerhout, The Netherlands, 1980, 422-435
    [PDF: Download: Mehlhorn.pdf]
  6. Data Structures
    Kurt Mehlhorn and A. Tsakalidis
    In: Handbook of Theoretical Computer Science, 1990, 301-341