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  1. Fast Routing in Road Networks using Transit Nodes
    Holger Bast, Stefan Funke, Peter Sanders, and Dominik Schultes
    Science 316 (5824): 566 p., 2007
  2. In Transit to Constant Time Shortest-Path Queries in Road Networks
    Holger Bast, Stefan Funke, Domagoj Matijevic, Peter Sanders, and Dominik Schultes
    In: 9th Workshop on Algorithm Enginneering and Experiments (ALENEX'07), New Orleans, USA, 2007, 46-59
  3. Engineering an External Memory Minimum Spanning Tree Algorithm
    Roman Dementiev, Peter Sanders, Dominik Schultes, and Jop F. Sibeyn
    In: 3rd IFIP International Conference on Theoretical Computer Science (TSC2004), Toulouse, France, 2004, 195-208
    [PDF: Download: emst.pdf]
  4. Fast and Exact Shortest Path Queries Using Highway Hierachies
    Dominik Schultes
    Master's thesis, Universit├Ąt des Saarlandes, 2005