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  1. Computing Large Planar Regions in Terrains, with an Application to Fracture Surface
    Michiel Smid, Rahul Ray, Ulrich Wendt, and Katharina Lange
    Discrete Applied Mathematics 139 (1-3): 253-264, 2004
  2. Finding Planar Regions in a Terrain
    Stefan Funke, Theocharis Malamatos, and Rahul Ray
    In: 20th European Workshop on Computational Geometry (EWCG), Sevilla, Spain, 2004, 1-4
  3. Finding Planar Regions in a Terrain: In Practice and with a Guarantee
    Stefan Funke, Theocharis Malamatos, and Rahul Ray
    In: Proceedings of the Twentieth Annual Symposium on Computational Geometry : (SCG'04), New York, USA, 2004, 96-105
  4. Geometric Algorithms for Object Placement and Planarity in a Terrain
    Rahul Ray
    Doctoral dissertation, Universität des Saarlandes, 2004
  5. Surface Topography Quantification using Computational Geometry
    Ulrich Wendt, Katharina Lange, Rahul Ray, and Michiel Smid
    Poster presentation
  6. An O(nlogn) Algorithm for Classifying Identical Curves
    Rahul Ray
    Extended Abstract
  7. Computing Large Planar Regions in Terrains
    Rahul Ray, MIchiel Smid, Katharina Lange, and Ulrich Wendt
    In: IWCIA 2001, 8th International Workshop on Combinatorial Image Analysis (IWCIA-01), Philadelphia, USA, 2002, 139-152
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  8. Surface Topography Quantification by Integral and Feature-related Parameters
    Ulrich Wendt, Katharina Lange, Michiel Smid, Rahul Ray, and Klaus-Dietz Tönnies
    Materialwissenschaft und Werkstofftechnik 33 (10): 621-627, 2002
  9. Translating a Planar Object to Maximize Point Containment
    Pankaj Agarwal, Torben Hagerup, Rahul Ray, Micha Sharir, Michiel Smid, and Emo Welzl
    In: Algorithms - ESA 2002 : 10th Annual European Symposium, Rome, Italy, 2002, 42-53