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  1. Power assignment problems in wireless communication: Covering points by disks, reaching few receivers quickly, and energy-efficient travelling salesman tours
    Stefan Funke, Soeren Laue, Zvi Lotker, and Rouven Naujoks
    Ad Hoc Networks 9 (6): 1028-1035, 2011
  2. Power Assignment Problems in Wireless Communication: Covering Points by Disks, Reaching few Receivers Quickly, and Energy-Efficient Travelling Salesman Tours
    Stefan Funke, Sören Laue, Rouven Naujoks, and Zvi Lotker
    In: Distributed Computing in Sensor Systems, 4th IEEE International Conference, DCOSS 2008, Santorini Island, Greece, 2008, 282-295
  3. Improved approximation algorithms for connected sensor cover
    Stefan Funke, Alexander Kesselman, Fabian Kuhn, Zvi Lotker, and Michael Segal
    Wireless Networks 13 (2): 153-164, 2007

  4. Power Assignment Problems in Wireless Communication
    Stefan Funke, Sören Laue, Rouven Naujoks, and Zvi Lotker
  5. Sequences Characterizing k-Trees
    Zvi Lotker, Debapriyo Majumdar, N.S. Narayanaswamy, and Ingmar Weber
    In: Computing and Combinatorics, 12th Annual International Conference, COCOON 2006, Taipei, Taiwan, 2006, 216-225
  6. Upper bound on the number of vertices of polyhedra with 0, 1-constraint matrices
    Khaled M. Elbassioni, Zvi Lotker, and Raimund Seidel
    Information Processing Letters 100 (2): 69 - 71, 2006
  7. Buffer Overflow Management in QoS Switches
    Alexander Kesselman, Zvi Lotker, Yishay Mansour, Boaz Patt-Shamir, Baruch Schieber, and Maxim Sviridenko
    SIAM Journal on Computing 33 (3): 563-583, 2004
  8. Improved Approximation Algorithms for Connected Sensor Cover
    Stefan Funke, Alexander Kesselman, Zvi Lotker, and Michael Segal
    In: Ad-hoc, mobil and wireless networks : Third International Conference, ADHOC-NOW 2004, Vancouver, Canada, 2004, 56-69