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  1. Cycle Bases of Graphs and Sampled Manifolds
    Craig Gotsman, Kanela Kaligosi, Kurt Mehlhorn, Dimitrios Michail, and Evangelia Pyrga
    Computer Aided Geometric Design 24 (8/9): 464 p., 2007. Note: accepted for publication in Computer Aided Geometric Design journal

  2. Faster Algorithms for Computing Longest Common Increasing Subsequences
    Gerth Stølting Brodal, Kanela Kaligosi, Irit Katriel, and Martin Kutz
    In: Combinatorial Pattern Matching, 17th Annual Symposium, CPM 2006, Barcelona, Spain, 2006, 330-341
  3. How Branch Mispredictions Affect Quicksort
    Kanela Kaligosi and Peter Sanders
    In: Algorithms - ESA 2006, 14th Annual European Symposium, Zürich, Switzerland, 2006, 780-791
  4. Length bounded network flows
    Kanela Kaligosi
    Master's thesis, Universität des Saarlandes, 2003
  5. Certifying Algorithms (draft)
    Kurt Mehlhorn, Arno Eigenwillig, Kanela Kaligosi, Dieter Kratsch, Ross McConnell, Ulrich Meyer, and Jeremy P. Spinrad
    . Note: draft
  6. Towards Optimal Multiple Selection
    Kanela Kaligosi, Kurt Mehlhorn, J. Ian Munro, and Peter Sanders
    In: Automata, languages and programming : 32nd International Colloquim, ICALP 2005, Lisbon, Portugal, 2005, 103-114
    [PDF: Download: Mehlhorn_a_2005_o.pdf]