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  1. On Continuous Homotopic One Layer Routing
    Shaodi Gao, Mark Jerrum, Michael Kaufmann, Kurt Mehlhorn, and Wolfgang Rülling
    In: Computational geometry (SCG-88) : 4th symposium, Urbana-Champaign, IL, USA, 1988, 392-402
    [PDF: Download: Mehlhorn_a_1988_m.pdf]
  2. On Continuous Homotopic One Layer Routing (Extended Abstract)
    Shaodi Gao, Michael Kaufmann, Kurt Mehlhorn, Wolfgang Rülling, Christoph Storb, and Mark Jerrum
    In: Computational geometry and its applications (CG-88) : international workshop, Würzburg, FRG, 1988, 55-70