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  1. A Nonlinear GMRES Optimization Algorithm for Canonical Tensor Decomposition
    Hans De Sterck
    SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing 34: A1351-A1379, 2012
  2. A Self-learning Algebraic Multigrid Method for Extremal Singular Triplets and Eigenpairs
    Hans De Sterck
    SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing 34 (4): A2092-A2117, 2012
  3. Steepest Descent Preconditioning for Nonlinear GMRES Optimization
    Hans De Sterck
    . Note: accepted for "Numerical Linear Algebra with Applications"
  4. Multilevel Aggregation Methods for Small-World Graphs with Application to Random-Walk Ranking
    Hans De Sterck, Van Emden Henson, and Geoff Sanders
    . Note: to appear in Computing and Informatics
  5. Recursively accelerated multilevel aggregation for Markov chains
    Hans De Sterck, Killian Miller, Geoff Sanders, and Manda Winlaw
    SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing 32 (3): 1652-1671, 2011