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  1. Optimal prefix-free codes for unequal letter costs: Dynamic programming with the Monge property
    Phillip Gnassi Bradford, Mordecai J. Golin, and Lawrence L. Larmore
    Journal of Algorithms 42 (2): 277-303, 2002
  2. Efficient Matrix Chain Ordering in Polylog Time
    Phillip Gnassi Bradford, Gregory J.E. Rawlins, and Greogory E. Shannon
    SIAM Journal on Computing 27 (2): 466-490, 1998
  3. Optimal Prefix-Free Codes for Unequal Letter Costs: Dynamic Programming with the Monge Property
    Phillip Gnassi Bradford, Mordecai J. Golin, Lawrence L. Larmore, and Wojciech Rytter
    In: Proceedings of the 6th Annual European Symposium on Algorithms (ESA-98), Venice, Italy, August 24-26, 1998, 43-54
  4. More efficient parallel totally monotone matrix searching
    Phillip Gnassi Bradford, Rudolf Fleischer, and Michiel Smid
    Journal of Algorithms 23: 386-400, 1997
  5. Weak epsilon-Nets for Points on a Hypersphere
    Phillip Gnassi Bradford and Vasilis Capoyleas
    Discrete & Computational Geometry 18 (1): 83-91, 1997
  6. Lower Bounds for Row Minima Searching
    Phillip Gnassi Bradford and Knut Reinert
    In: Automata Languages and Programming: 23rd International Colloquium (ICALP'96), Paderborn, July, 8th - 12th, 1996, 454-465
  7. Matching nuts and bolts faster
    Noga Alon, Phillip Gnassi Bradford, and Rudolf Fleischer
    Information Processing Letters 59 (3): 123-127, 1996
  8. Lower Bounds for the Matrix Chain Ordering Problem
    Phillip Gnassi Bradford, Venkatesh Choppela, and Gregory J.E. Rawlins
    In: LATIN'95: Theoretical Informatics, 2nd Latin American Symposium, Valparaiso, Chile, April, 3rd - 7th, 1995, 112-130
  9. Matching nuts and bolts faster
    Phillip Gnassi Bradford and Rudolf Fleischer
    In: Algorithms and Computation: 6th International Symposium (ISAAC'95), Cairns, Australia, December, 4-6, 1995, 402-408